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  1. Yessir Im tryin to go to London, preciate it man we went thru adversity before this event with scrimmin, lux situation etc and still played well when it mattered, proud of the squad but its back to grindin!
  2. I left Str8 after worlds for Fung Four than got an offer from the boys. Preciate all the love guys More to come from the Trifecta boys haha <3 See yall tonight!!
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  4. Super unfortunate how everything went down vs Rec but shit happens, even Tho it was during a critical time, we should’ve been prepared for anything. We will learn from it and come back better (Much love to MLG for running a great event so far aswell)
  5. Not going to lie, I'd like to see Rayne and Shooter with two young gods. Trapping and Articc maybe?
  6. Travis had to leave mid scrim cause of his parents, they used Randa for 2/3 games aswell as a sub.
  7. It was a pickup scrim, plus J (Sceptify) was runnin wit us in place of Neptune.
  8. Twitch.tv/halo so many g5s, come thru and watch the hype Losers Finals sooooon
  9. Lmao I'm just lurking through the forums refreshing the page every hour waiting for a new post.
  10. Lmfao ima lil late but yea can confirm, got dropped for Rammy
  11. I left so they decided too become a to3 so them, I'm just an f/a rn grinding
  12. Yessirrrr, just running with a few teams as of rn can't say but you'll see, gosu was great just felt like we didn't perform too our best almost losing too a pickup squad with 2 months of practice :/
  13. Squad will Def be fun too go against in the cups/events, am scene got alot of great talent, can't forget dan/cratos squad too. This upcoming season boutta be lit
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