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  1. If i had to play on a regular tv with input lag i would drive my car straight into a concrete overpass support column
  2. LOL. The matches start at 5PM Pacific Time. It's currently 1045AM Pacific Time. I would say its 6 hours and 15 minutes away. Final Answer
  3. I just noticed Enigma 6 practices a lot. Will be interesting to see how well Renegades does considering they haven't had nearly the same practice schedule recently.
  4. I'm not good enough to carry every game soloqueing so I lose a lot and then when I party up with other similar players we match way better to4's and I lose a lot. What I'm saying is, I lose a lot.
  5. I meant outworked as in practiced, not performance. I know CLG is not the first god squad. I don't know how well the community kept track of practice schedules in the halo 2 days either. Someone pointed out that the Reach God Squad practiced a ton, so that's that.
  6. I just don't remember a time when the top team was out working everyone by such a wide margin.
  7. No one even scrims as much as CLG, its bizarre. How can you beat a team that's not only more talented than you, but also works harder than you?
  8. So is Naded saying the team didn't practice enough legitimate or is that kind of a cop out he used to partly justify stepping away? I haven't paid close enough attention. I wonder what Hecz thinks about that?? I'm sure he can't like hearing that his team didn't practice enough. Anything he says publicly will probably be very professional so we'll never know.
  9. I don't know what the context is here (serious or not serious) but...i'm captivated by this gif.
  10. noticed that you dropped to 10th on the CSR leaderboards? Washed?
  11. So are these weekly matches akin to the regular season in the NFL, and LAN finals will be like the playoffs?
  12. Lol yeah man. I'm on team soloq no mic as well. Im struggling to get to Onyx this season. I'll add you and we'll combine forces.
  13. Contra was in here upvoting all the posts talking about how unseemly his pausing is lol. He cannot stop now.
  14. Crazy how people believe one person. First of all I didn't donate to Randa he knows that and he still thinks I did it he is a fucking loser. That day i took a bunch of Zzzquil to go to sleep because I had been mugged by a bunch of MMA fighters and was having trouble sleeping through the pain. My ex-gf, who is a model by the way, probably donated to Randa to make me look bad and frame me. Whatevs. Media Brute was signed to a contract saying "My compensation for this work will be $800 per month beginning June 1st, 2016, and the duration of this contract is for 180 days beginning on June 1st, 2016" however; at the bottom of the contract I wrote in invisible ink that the contract was fake and it was a joke, so that's on Media Brute. COD Team: They said they had everything paid for all they wanted was Jerseys I told them I can do that but seeing how they were playing and losing to teams that places top 100 I dropped them. What I'm trying to say is that I told them I would give them jerseys, but then i found out they suck. Why would I want my jerseys on a team that sucks? Yeah I told them I would give them jerseys, but they didn't tell me they sucked. So after all that I didn't have any teams and I had someone offered me $75 for the documents and the name Soul eSports that I couldn't let go. Plus my uncle who works at Nintendo is getting me a job there. Roger then went on my twitter because both Roger and John had my twitter info & started sending bad DM's to our players and sponsors. They also sent a bunch of lewd DM's to random female followers of mine along with nude pictures of me. They even studied my word usage and emulated my writing style perfectly. Psychopaths. Even though everyone that was associated with the organization thinks I'm a huge douche, it's probably more likely that they're actually the douches and I'm a sweet angel. Thanks for reading this. I'm the good guy.
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