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  1. Honestly, F2P Halo in the vein of Fortnite where you can download the client and play the MP for free while pay for a single player/co-op experience for like $20-$30 would be nice and if the gameplay is fun it'd be beneficial for it in the long run. Throw in the level of dedication of customization that Epic has done with Fortnite (as long as default customization is already big) we might have something here. 

    All of this + Put it on PC and let people/orgs/brands sell their own skins = Insane profit.


  2. My question is, why is this dude grinding so much? Worlds is over, we don't know jack shit about the future (as usual). What if by some miracle h6 is announced and released this fall?

    Because, you know, some people like H5? Yeah, surprising...


    Demon D said H5 is his favorite Halo, so good for him to grind. At least he isn't smurfing like most. I agree population is extremely low at high rank and sometimes you just play the same people over and over. It's been like that for months, you get used to it.

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  3. ii'd rather us fill the time with memes and off topic discussion so we can at least keep talking and enjoy the downtime vs deserting this place until something significant happens.

    But, man, this is a Halo forum. Yes, I enjoy the ocassional memes from time to time, specially when they are about Halo pros and stuff, but if you really like offtopic discussion (Ninja, COD, whatever), there are many other forums and websites for that. I don't go on TB to read about off topic stuff, I'm a Halo esports fan and I want to talk Halo esports on the HWC thread.

    The biggest Latin American tournament starts this weekend and you guys haven't even talked about it.


    I don't know, maybe I should just move on to r/competitivehalo or something lol.

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