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  1. Well that's because having a Pro League and an AM League is stupid as fuck and won't work with the current state of Halo. Ideal format IMO: Open Events with decent prize pool (150k or something like that, not something stupidly huge like 300k like GoW does), something like 3 or 4 events a year in NA (2 West Coast, 2 East Coast ideally), 2 in Latin America (1 in Mexico, 1 in Colombia), 2 in the UK for the EU guys (cheap af to fly to London from anywhere in EU), maybe some small events for the ANZ and Asia community. Wanna give a chance to online warriors too? Have 2k tournaments every month or so, have 500 dollars FFA tournaments for people like Vetoed and Kampy. At the end of the year you can have Worlds with a decent prize pool of let's say 500k. Doing any of these things would grow the scene GLOBALLY way more than the stupid Pro League nobody wants to watch anymore because it's boring as hell. You don't need MLG for that, ESL can do all of that, but the decision is on 343 of course.
  2. Considering most of their traffic probably comes from NA and developed european countries, 5k revenue in 12 months is a fucking lie.
  3. Not even a fucking H5 update announcement or something? Thanks for killing Halo, 343. Fucking pathetic. I'm out.
  4. It's better happening Mods I don't really want to be shitlin 2 FeelsBadMan
  5. tfw you realize these could be my last 2 weeks as "Im Bankrupt" Or not because H3A is getting announced, guys (I really hope so)
  6. Their streaming platform (MLG.tv or whatever) also fucking sucks.
  7. Halo 5 has a skill gap, I match diamond kids and I can go 25 - 5, and I'm just an average high onyx player. I don't know if the skill gap is any close to H1 or H2 but if we compare it to other games like COD, there's a huge skill gap.
  8. When a caster tells a Pro Player to shut up. I love this community.
  9. I have 11519 matches in Halo 5. Yeah, I guess I hate this game.
  10. You're not alone, I downvoted MLG Adam TWICE because I disagreed with some of his comments and got banned 1 week for it.
  11. I stopped trying to explain people this. Everytime I play against North Americans they swear I have an advantage against them when it's the exact opposite. They are never gonna undestand the struggle of playing from any part of Latin America and how easy it is for someone with a really long ping to kill us. Mexico is not that much of a problem cause they have decent ISPs, a friend of me from Mexico D.F has around 80 ping to the Xbox Seattle servers, that's amazing compared to my 160 ping.
  12. Tapping Buttons is the best player in Latin America, I'm glad a Latin player is finally having the chance of competing in the US. EG top 4, calling it now.
  13. Careful, man, he's going to block you on Twitter and here too lmao "Don't pick Halo as your esports game" If you think like that, I truly wonder what the fuck are you doing here?
  14. Not saying the EU scene is dead, I like to watch it and think there's some talent in EU, but only 15 teams signed up for this qualifier??? Do the same qualifier in LATAM and you'll get 70+ teams, we have been waiting 2 years for a Pro League and will probably never get one.
  15. To be fair, they paid their PL S1 team 3.5x what Allegiance paid their Worlds 2016 team. They also have a private jet. Yeah they probably did some shady shit but... did I mention they have a private jet?
  16. Why? It is 100% happening anyways and it's getting announced at E3. You know what, I'm so fucking sure it's getting announced at E3 that I'll gladly accept a 1 month ban or I will change my name to shitlin 2 if I'm wrong.
  17. I would rather play Halo 4 over Gears 4. I watch 15 seconds of a Gears tournament and I get a headache.
  18. Pistola has been playing really average. That stupid spartan charge lost them the game IMO.
  19. I'm a huge fan of H5, can't stop playing it. I also love competitive Halo just as much as everyone here, but I can't stand this bs anymore... Until Pro League Season 1 finals, I was watching every single tournament match, seriously, every single one. For me it didn't matter if it was CLG vs a really shitty team, or Renegades (my favourite team back then) vs Liquid only to see Renegades choke fucking hard, I just watched all the matches because I truly enjoyed them and just couldn't miss them... so yeah, I started following competitive Halo like a regular sport. After S1 finals, I started losing interest for watching "not so important" matches, last Worlds I think I only really watched the semifinals and finals, this tournament I have only watched like 4 of them. Honestly I can say the only reason I lost interest is because the last 5 events or so have been shit or mediocre at last, they are being ran by stupid people who honestly apparently don't give a fuck about growing Halo as an esport or just don't know how to run an event, maybe even a combination of both. Yes, the settings we have right now are amazing to watch, the skill gap is amazing and I can only wish I was as good as all of the pros are, but not even amazing gameplay can save this game at this point. I'll continue playing this game, but I don't think I'll keep watching competitive Halo unless they make a 360 change and this becomes what it had the chance of becoming at the end of 2015 and start of 2016. Remember the production quality of X Games, 2016 Regionals or even Worlds 2016? I just want that. Am I really asking for that much? I like ESL as a TO and don't think they are that bad, but they have a lot to improve. I kind of dislike Millenial esports, UMG and UGC. 343 gave them a chance and they gave us mediocre spectator experiences, and somehow they keep hiring them. Yesterday's production was a fucking joke, but it was more sad than funny because AFAIK UMG ran amazing COD events in the past and I was really looking forward to what they could do with Halo. What a disappointment. Some of you know that in the past I've been kind of a MLG hater (maybe without a real reason), but you know what? Fuck it, hire them, I'm sure they will do a way better job than the shitshow we have been watching lately. Maybe they will make me go back to watching as much Halo as I used to, who knows. Sorry for the long shitpost. Just felt like saying what's on my mind.
  20. Everytime I want the underdog to win, they go 2-0 and then lose

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