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  1. I'm not talking about the demonym "American", I consider it acceptable as the English language lacks a correct word for "a citizen of th United States of America". You can call yourself an American all you want, but you won't be called an "American" in other languages. The only thing that is annoying me is the fact that you keep calling your country "America" when it is the United States of America. Call it the U.S, the States, but not fucking America. Enough talking about this topic anyways. It's just my opinion.
  2. Jesus Christ. Go back to school and retake History class, or not because they probably brainwashed the shit out of you there. Also America is not a fucking country, it's a continent. You live in the United States OF America, meaning it BELONGS to the fucking America continent, your country's name is not America for god's sake. Sorry for the non-Halo related shitpost but someone has to correct these idiots.
  3. The game has its flaws, yet it's super fun and hard to play it at a high level even if it's just high onyx arena (yes you can consider high onyx high level) I've played lots of H5 tournaments and even though I have to connect to US servers, it is always extremely fun to me because I actually love COMPETITIVE Halo 5.
  4. Dude you look like a Halo 5 hater lately, I'm sure many Pro Players/Top amateurs like this game a lot and actually enjoy playing it, maybe some of the older pros don't like it that much but I'm sure for the younger players it's the opposite.
  5. We should stop paying so much attention to that guy, he doesn't give a fuck about this scene anymore.
  6. I can't fucking wait for the salty tweets from LG, Str8 and Ronin players. Sad that LG can't get relegated before they are definitely placing top 12.
  7. Your team getting relegated by Cratos' team is my prediction. I will keep doubting you, no worries.
  8. Halo 5 is a wonderful esport to watch and to play competitively. I personally find H3 boring to watch too. Make H6 feel like more "classic" Halo but make it as fast-paced as H5 is and this scene is gonna become huge.
  9. This guy sucks at running events, period. Last Halo event he ran got criticized hard by this forum and then he came here with an apology/dramatic essay (or both?) written with the grammar of a teenager lmao, now he's salty other TOs (if you can consider Beyond a TO) have the chance to run Halo events in partnership with other good TOs.
  10. America is not a country, it's a continent. I'm not from the U.S, yet I'm American. Stop being an idiot.
  11. He isn't going to switch because believe it or not H6 competitive scene is gonna be way bigger and better than H6 (even huge if competitive is on PC)
  12. Truth is at this point they are just working on Halo 6 (or Halo Reach 2, or H4A, idk at this point) and they just have a few people still working on H5 half-time (probably just Menke and the Pro Team) while they also work on H6 (priority), that's why oddball doesn't even have a skull. tbh I wouldn't expect anything else to be modified or added to H5 after tomorrows update. But I guess we should be grateful that they don't make any further updates cause that means they can't put the AR back to competitive Quote me when it happens though
  13. Cratos' team relegating Ronin is going to be the best moment in all Halo 5.
  14. They give Europe Open LAN tournaments but can't even give online tournaments to LATAM, a scene 5 times bigger than EU LOL
  15. There's seriously people on this forum trying to convince other people that any CoD from the last few years is better than Halo 5? You guys are fucking delusional lmao

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