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  1. Your hate towards Halo 5 is making you blind. Are you really comparing competitive H5 to H4?
  2. Wow I've seen shitty memes here lately but this is real bad lol
  3. Esports shouldn't be about giving away free money just because why not. 343/Microsoft/Gfinity shouldn't give european players the ammount of money they are giving them cause whenever they go to an international event they prove they are completely shit, because the truth is EU players/teams are extremelly undedicated to the game, that's why competition is so low there and you never see new faces around, it's always the same 20 people competing, you rarely see new faces and when you do, the level of gameplay is still pretty bad. I'm from Latin America, if they ever make an event in Mexico or Colombia that I can attend, I 100% want NA pros to come here and steal "our" money, getting fucking first rounded by Pistola on champ bracket would be my dream come true. Players nowadays care way too much about making money playing this game, when is competition what matters at last.
  4. Exactly. Also, even if this scene loses a few pros because they want to go play some other game, there's a list of hundreds of young players who truly love this game waiting for their opportunity to shine. You don't like this esport? go invest your time somewhere else if you believe you're gonna get more money or relevance there, the last thing this community needs is pro players who hate this game but still make thousands a year because of it.
  5. All these Halo ams and pros talking about switching like they gonna start playing CoD and instantly place top 4 and get a 4 digits payout LMAO some of these people can't even get top 8 in Halo.
  6. Besides, who says people don't watch Halo content? Kampy has like 100k subscribers and he uploads a video like every 3 months.
  7. Tbh Regionals and Worlds 2016 were a decent effort. We all enjoyed those events, right?
  8. Not happening. 343 logic is like "let's give Europe open LAN events so 25 or 30 teams can attend" instead of the more rational "let's do a 1k online tournament for the Latam region so 128 teams can register in less than a week and let's start growing the scene from there". I hope things change for Halo 6.
  9. I would go to a tournament here in my country even if the prize was a bronze pack lmao, yes I'm that desperate to compete. For some people it's not about the money, it's about having fun competing. Sad that some people feel like they are entitled to more.
  10. Oh man but they have MLG, they are gonna grow so much!!! No, they aren't. M$ have thrown a lot of money on their esports scene and they are seeing the same or less grow than Halo 5. Gears as an esport isn't going to be big any time soon, game just isn't that good.
  11. That was the best series I've ever seen. Holy shit that flag choke gave me chills. This is fucking Halo.
  12. This shit is not even ridiculous, it's disrespectful to the viewers. I was so fucking hyped, that probably was the best match I've ever seen in Halo 5, and they ruined it. I can stand a few mistakes on Friday or even Saturday, but don't ruin my fucking finals, we had to wait 3 months just to watch a Halo tournament and they give us this incompetent shit. Fuck ESL and fuck 343 if they give them another chance.
  13. I'm a huge fan of H5 but even for me it becomes tedious sometimes, both to watch and to play. Changing the settings definitely helped but H3A or something similar needed to happen. I'll keep playing and watching but H6 can't come soon enough.
  14. Yeah but we're not even in the second year of Halo 5, game was released like 21 months ago. Nice post but check your facts.
  15. That's why you don't compete in two games at the same event.
  16. Wait, so you're telling me all of this shitshow is literally the ISP's fault but people are quickly blaming ESL, Tashi and basically everyone involved with production? How the fuck could they predict a fiber cable/infrastructure break? Like do you want them to buy the ISP to have exclusive access or some shit? lmao I understand the frustation, but there's a difference between complaining for a reason and just being an idiot.
  17. Sucks because this time it isn't even 343's fault. If anything you should be blaming the TO or something, not Tashi/whoever else. Actually this might be the first time I can't blame 343 for something esports related lol
  18. I bet they have amazing Internet connection at the ESL headquarters in Burbank

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