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  1. Thrust and stabilization are amazing spartan abilities that should be added to Halo 6.
  2. All of those communities are still active, just not as big or known.
  3. Have in mind there are tons of teams outside of Mexico. It needs to be Online qualifiers that lead to a LAN final in Mexico City, or even better, small regional LAN qualifiers for each country that lead to the LAN final. The format this year was fine, but Gfinity did some stupid stuff with the online qualifiers that affected some teams.
  4. Glad to see 343 supporting the Latam scene once again :glasses: Hopefully Gfinity does a better job with the online qualifiers this time.
  5. I mean, I might just be overoptimistic, but after reading this: I think a "Major shift" would be changing the TO (ESL). Although I think it's more probable they announce Pro League is no longer a thing and the HCS is gonna be Open Events only, with UMG or something as the TO.
  6. Did you guys notice they didn't mention ESL, like, at all?
  7. This pretty much confirms Denver is not the last event of H5, can people please stop worrying now?
  8. They just lagged out from a game on the Halo Bday stream... LMFAO 343
  9. Is it just me or the Team Arena BR has like zero magnetism and feels light? I know they haven't touched it so it could be the servers.
  10. To travel? yeah, it's easy, basically you just need a passport to travel from one country to another (we are kinda as open as EU), but countries here are really big, so only option for traveling to Mexico D.F (assuming they want to make the league there) from another country is to take a plane, you can catch some good prices from time to time though, I believe I saw some tickets the other day for something like $400, but even that price is unaffordable for most Halo players. If they want to make a league here it would have to be online + LAN finals with expenses paid or something like that, but I'm sure we would be fine with just an online league. Of course LAN events are better so I'm fine if they start with Mexico first and expand to other countries later, that's better than nothing.
  11. People like to blame everything on the TOs, except if the TO's name is MLG.
  12. Active Posts: 3,355 But Halo is not your #1 game to follow?
  13. Online H5 is a joke. It's like the guy teleported directly to Contra's body lmao
  14. I only come to this forum looking for intel or info about tournaments since I don't have a twitter, if I cared about the opinions of the people here I wouldn't be here anymore. Some people here don't even play this game or are extremelly low ranked and are negative about every thing they read about just to join the bandwagon.
  15. Uhhh, to be honest that's not really a weird spot, lots of people know it.
  16. It is still not impressive. 343 has been giving plenty of money to the EU scene and the turnout has been really bad. Of course you don't see it that way because you are an european caster, you want your scene to grow, I don't blame you. I kinda don't mind 343 giving some support to the EU scene but when you think about it, if they invested that much money on the Latam region, it would help the HCS a lot more than them throwing money at a dead european scene and keep ignoring that a fucking lot of people play Halo 5 competitively in Latin America. I say it again, make some 5k online tournaments in Latam, I'm sure the turnout would be five times better than if EU did the same, I don't want to talk about LAN or make comparisons because traveling from one country to another in Latam is not cheap like in Europe, going to some LAN in let's say Mexico City is impossible to 70% of all competitive players, yet the turnout for the World Qualifiers was not bad at all. Sorry if this feels like I'm attacking the EU guys but for me the truth is the EU scene isn't gonna grow, doesn't matter how much more money 343 keeps investing there, it's time to move on and start paying attention to other regions where a lot of people actually play Halo, not just 100 people.

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