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  1. Ummm no, it isn't. You can argue H5 is not a perfect Halo game, even not a good Halo game for some people' standards, but saying this game is atrocious is just ridiculous lmao
  2. My predictions: Online qualifiers - Regionals - Worlds: MLG EU Qualifiers and LAN event - ANZ Qualifiers and LAN event: Gfinity LATAM Qualifiers and LAN event in Mexico D.F: Gamelta (with help from MLG) After Worlds: NA Pro Circuit - Open LAN events: MLG Can't wait to be 100% wrong
  3. We have been really fucking close for like 2 weeks now, but how close is fucking close?
  4. UGC has been ok-ish IMO (from the perspective of someone who watched the Halo event on Twitch), but if Microsoft bought them that means they have millions of funding and can become something really good, so I wouldn't be mad if that's the TO.
  5. I guess you didn't watch the Deamhack Atlanta's Optic vs Splyce finals.
  6. I wasn't being serious with that second sentence. I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone else, it really wasn't my intention. You know I'm a big fan of the HCS team, just wish you guys were a bit faster but I'm sure you are cooking big things.
  7. Tashi has been ignoring the community all week. If we don't get an announcement next week someone from the HCS team needs to resign.
  8. I tried to watch the OWL, didn't understand what the hell was going on because I've never played OW and stopped watching. It's just not an enjoyable viewing experience for the people who don't play the game. Anyone can watch COD, Halo, Rocket League and rapidly understand the game, rules, strategies, but you can't do that with Overwatch IMO.
  9. He isn't going to make any money playing COD, at least not if his teammate is Lifestyle. He made 200k+ playing Halo the last 2 years, he was doing just fine. I call that a shitty choice.
  10. Just remember Cratos left Halo and has been playing COD nonstop since its launch What a shitty choice lmao
  11. I disagree. MLG announced Gears MLG Dallas Open 1 month (well, exactly 40 days) before the event date: If our first event is mid-January (guessing), then I don't see why it can't be MLG.
  12. Seriously, where the fuck is the TO announcement? My ONLY guess and possible explanation to this enormous delay is that they have everything ready but are waiting for the Dallas COD event to be over because the TO is MLG and they want to create some hype. Or maybe that bullet journal thing is not working well for Tashi
  13. Not hating but 18k peak viewers is not good at all considering MLG is the TO. I remember back in Gears: UE the Pro League finals hosted by ESL had like 16k peak viewers and that was two years ago, so how are these numbers an improvement? That esport is not growing at all.
  14. I didn't play Arena for like 8 months, only played Proving Grounds and then HCS. I'm now a champ in Arena and it's fucking sad.
  15. As someone who plays more HCS than the 99%, I can't say I'm pissed, just disappointed. I'm glad they are testing a new gametype, but it sucks that I won't be able to play Slayer, Strongholds and CTF for who knows how long. I like Oddball and I want it to be added to the rotation but the BR just feels wrong to me and maps like Overgrowth just don't belong in Halo. I wish they'd just add Oddball to the HCS playlist, give it a higher chance of playing it, but don't remove the other gametypes, IMO it would play just fine with pistol starts.
  16. Average production, good product. Stay salty all you want, lots of people enjoy H5.

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