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  1. Friendly reminder that Usual Suspects had visa problems and they are playing with 3 subs. Don't be so rough
  2. No, I don't think it's a video capture problem. The sharpness of the players cam feed looks bad too.
  3. i'm from South America. All of Usual Suspects are good friends of mine, so it sucks to say all of this has been a shitshow. 3/4 of the players got their visas rejected, 343 didn't give any support in order to obtain them, so Tolkien (US captain) is literally going with people he has barely practiced with and who are not even close to the skill level the original Usual Suspects players have. It's going to be hard to see them get stomped by Optic and Renegades, but I just think it isn't fair to judge Latin America's skill based on this weekend's performance.
  4. Uhhhh, this is a very known spot. People been using this for months to hide when teammates quit lmao.
  5. No, both teams go to Orlando. Showdown determines which team goes directly to Champion bracket and which team has to go through Open Bracket.
  6. This is amazing. Took them like 1 year, but I'm super happy I can finally play something different than HCS.
  7. I literally saw like 50 pros/AMs a few weeks ago asking MLG and Tashi for the X to be used in Orlando. Now pros don't want it and are complaining. 343's been trying to make people happy but pros are never happy lmao.
  8. Is it only twitch chat though? I think people nowadays, everywhere, are kind of brutal when expressing their opinion. People just don't like censorship, they want to be blunt, they want to express their ruthless opinion about whatever thing they think is wrong in their opinion. Most people don't give a fuck if they hurt someone else feelings while doing so. Welcome to the Internet era, get used to it. I personally don't like you as a caster. I actually only truly enjoy three casters: Simms, T2 and Elamite, if Twitch had the option of turning off casting and enabling only game sound, I'd be a happy man, yet, I respect your work and understand that probably hundreds or thousands of people do enjoy your casting, so I'm not going to start talking shit on the Halo's channel twitch chat. Halo kids really need to grow up, this community is extremely toxic, but that's mostly because there are many rednecks, racist fucks and assholes who apparently just hate life, who play and watch this game. Still, I think I've watched a decent amount of Spartan stream and I honestly don't think he was getting that much hate, I mean, that's just what I saw, maybe he's just a sensitive guy (which is totally fine) and took every comment alluding to his attitude or playstyle as personal, but, man, when you're making like $2000 a month streaming Halo, will you really let people hating on you stop you? Just ignore them, man, you're literally making money playing a videogame, you even have fans, people who admire you and want to be like you, but you choose to focus on the negative? I just don't get it lol.
  9. He has been critical of MLG as well. (Tweet is from two years ago, might still be relevant)
  10. Game isn't for everyone, I guess. i personally like it a lot and play it everyday for like 3 or 4 hours, just like most people on my friends list. I can't play COD, Fortnite or CSGO for more than 1 hour, but I can play H5 for hours and hours. Call me a freak, I guess.
  11. We played Oddball in the South American qualifiers last Sunday, I think they did in Mexico and EU too. I'm not a big fan of the gametype but it wasn't that bad, it's basically slayer with an obj. I think everyone was fine with having to play it and I know some top players here even enjoy it.
  12. Not going to lie, I'd like to see Rayne and Shooter with two young gods. Trapping and Articc maybe?
  13. Some really interesting Mexican and Colombian teams this year as well Can't wait to compete. Hopefully we'll see an English stream this time for the Mexico D.F LAN. Edit: Could you clarify which online cups matter for qualifying to Orlando? I know 343's gonna pay a South American and a Mexican team to travel there, I just don't know if it's gonna be the team with the most points after the first 4 cups or what?
  14. @@CyReN Isn't it time to update the first post details with all the fresh information? You don't even have the LAN Schedule, it's just a "TBA".
  15. Can't wait to see Optic dominate the Halo: Battle Royale World Championship 2020.
  16. I thought tech salaries in Washington were that high, but I wouldn't know, I was just guessing. My point is he has been working for 343 for like what, 4 years? If he left I think it's because he got a better offer or wants to do something else with his life. I don't think the company has anything to do with it. 4 days ago people were thinking Microsoft bought a TO and then we got MLG, now we see people thinking H6 is gonna be a shitshow just because a #classichalofan hashtag... Have some hope, I think H6 is gonna be great.
  17. I don't think Neighbour would leave a 100k+ (I assume) a year stable position just because he doesn't agree with 343. You guys are reading too much into that tweet, calm down.

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