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  1. Edited. Meme game not strong enough today. Also posted pic of wrong Sudd
  2. "That has led the team to cut Spartan and StelluR, who were arguably the team's worst two players out of its four-man lineup."
  3. As someone who used to play high level (Champion) FFA the last few seasons, and who got totally bored at the point of hating playing it this one, I really thank you for what you are doing for the community. I have nothing to complain about the changes you are proposing, I liked them all and hope 343 decides to take some of them, if not all.
  4. Is it okay that I cried reading the Pro League details? We are so back. Nothing can stop us at this point.
  5. Someday I want to learn how to use the word "soon" as good as you do, daddy.
  6. I don't see why I'm getting downvoted so much. I was just asking if Ninja was going to play H1Z1 as much as when he was part of Team Liquid, because clearly he wasn't the best player back then thanks to how much time he was dedicating to it.
  7. Edit: I think you guys misunderstood my post. This was more a question than an opinion, I was just wondering if Ninja is going to play H1Z1 as often as he used to back when he was part of Team Liquid, because in my opinion he wasn't the best halo player back then. Thanks for the downvotes though.
  8. We all want to see Kampy competing. Please Bungie, make it happen!
  9. I think you are the one doing LSD. Kampy said multiple times he would leave Faze if he gets an interesting offer. We all know Kampy isn't currently top 64, but it's because he's a FFA/BTB kid who is currently not putting any practice into Team Arena. If he joins a team and starts grinding, he could be way more than top 64.
  10. I wonder who that fourth is going to be. I just don't know what pro would like to team with Maniac and FS, and no, I don't think Stellur is coming back. Maybe OpTic Kampy? Wouldn't be a bad start for his non-FFA career.
  11. No way. Renegades' twitter unfollowed Spartan and Stellur yesterday (or maybe today, I'm not sure), but you can see they still follow Ninja, Vicx and Symbolic. Maybe they got a better option this weekend? Please Ninja don't leave Renegades. Edit: Thanks for don't leave Renegades.
  12. Just because a map looks good doesn't mean it is ready for competitive multiplayer.
  13. I love how much time Ninja is dedicating to Halo. He has improved a lot since he used to play half of the time H1Z1 and half of the time Halo. I hope he decides to keep focusing on Halo, I can see him being a top player during the Pro League.
  14. We seriously need to make a thread with memorable quotes said by our well-spoken pro players.
  15. I see this forum likes to talk about how CSGO sucks is so boring to watch, but can we talk about COD? Today I watched the COD Worlds for the first time for at least 30 minutes... those were the worst 30 minutes I've spent. I don't think I want to watch a COD 'tourney' ever again in my life. That game is so boring to watch and definitely so overrated. Halo deserves to be bigger than that game. Now, talking about a real esport like Halo, I really really really want to see a Ninja, Commonly (or Huke), Penguin and Vicx RNG roster. IMO that team would be at least top 3 and if they put all the time needed, I can see them upset a too confident CLG this upcoming Pro League season. As of TSM, I don't think they will sponsor a team this season, maybe the next one. I was thinking Ninja would probably go with them, but now that I see it, it looks like he really wants to stick with Renegades, and that's a good choice because Renegades is an amazing organization. Also they have those amazing jackets. I NEED ONE OF THOSE JACKETS.
  16. As much as I like Commonly's playstyle, I think Huke would be a good fit for this squad. Commonly is good but Heinz (more experience) -> Commonly. Maybe It's just that I'm still a little with Commonly after he left RNG to join EG.
  17. https://twitter.com/Scaryotic/status/715415491943260160 https://twitter.com/Scaryotic/status/715416515617677312 ? (Jk guys, don't downvote me please lol)
  18. There is something I don't understand about the Pro League and next HWC. If Pro League is only for NA and Europe, how are we supposed to have a World Championship? Do they plan to use qualifiers to get the best teams from South America/Asia/AUS and NZ like they did last time or is it only going to be for NA and Europe teams? Maybe it is a stupid question, but it really would suck if they don't let other regions participate this season.
  19. Long time lurker here. Decided to join the community now that we have a new thread! To be honest, I don't think Ninja is staying with Renegades. Renegades twitter always retweet the tweets related to streams by their players, they did this all the time before Worlds with all their four Halo players, but after Worlds, you can see they retweeted Spartan/Stellur tweets several times, but they haven't do that with any of Ninja's tweets. Now, I thought Spartan/Stellur were going to Allegiance to team with El Town and (Unlegit?), but maybe they decided to keep the Renegades organization instead of Allegiance?

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