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  1. Or just 2v2 Halo 5 with forge maps and stuff, just for a year. Lots of people enjoy H5 2s.
  2. For someone who reads this forum all day you are misinformed as hell.
  3. Can't wait for them to announce the 5 million prize pool for the Halo: Battle Royale 2019 World Championship followed by a Pro League ran by... ESL
  4. All of this + Put it on PC and let people/orgs/brands sell their own skins = Insane profit.
  5. @@Tashi Thank you again for ignoring the LATAM community. Hope we have a good season of Halo though.
  6. Giving EU a LAN but not Latam/Mexico... this is how you kill a scene @@Tashi
  7. Can't wait for Halo 6: Heroes and its new game mode Halo: Battle Royale.
  8. As a Halo 5 fan, I'm sorry but all those maps look fucking awful.
  9. Because, you know, some people like H5? Yeah, surprising... Demon D said H5 is his favorite Halo, so good for him to grind. At least he isn't smurfing like most. I agree population is extremely low at high rank and sometimes you just play the same people over and over. It's been like that for months, you get used to it.
  10. I mean, he was having problems with his controller a few days ago: Not sure if that's the same controller he used today, though.
  11. If we're going to have off-topic discussion, can we at least have good memes? This shit was awful.
  12. But, man, this is a Halo forum. Yes, I enjoy the ocassional memes from time to time, specially when they are about Halo pros and stuff, but if you really like offtopic discussion (Ninja, COD, whatever), there are many other forums and websites for that. I don't go on TB to read about off topic stuff, I'm a Halo esports fan and I want to talk Halo esports on the HWC thread. The biggest Latin American tournament starts this weekend and you guys haven't even talked about it. I don't know, maybe I should just move on to r/competitivehalo or something lol.
  13. At this point I'm gonna have to ignore half of the users of this forum. Anyways, what are your predictions for Mexico City?
  14. Now they decided to skip Renegades vs Usual Suspects... Alright?

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