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  1. And you didn't message me why? Let's game bro
  2. Yo, let's team. Gt: Cpl Mcmuffins 2k+ csr arena, slayer, ffa. Champ in slayer
  3. add me on xbox, champ in arena, slayer, and ffa. got years of experience under my belt
  4. so down man, i spend a lot of time in Colorado so its always a possibility.
  5. My Gamertag is Cpl Mcmuffins. I've been playing Xbox since Halo 1 and Xbox live for about 8 years. Im a very serious and dedicated Halo player that is ready to make the next steps into making a name for myself. My skill and experience will definitely show through in matches and scrims. I'm ready to play at any time and ready to learn and do whatever it takes to play with the best. Let me prove that with your team.
  6. Im from Cheyenne, Wyoming, currently living in Laramie. Wondering if there are any other people near me who wanna game it up?
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