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  1. Seriously man every post you make you seem like a genuinely great person.Please don't leave the halo scene we need more people like you. Also good luck this weekend you've got some fans rooting for you
  2. For this 16 team online qualifier is ESL going to be streaming it or will we be left to watch whatever pros are streaming?
  3. It's interesting to see that Naded reached out to Optic, but it does raise a question for me. Maniac said that no one else reached out to them, but are him and Flame incapable of asking people to run games? I hope Naded takes a part of that on and ask a few people to scrim with them.
  4. Anyone know if Penguins had any offers or scrims other than NV and Liquid? Very curious who he ends up teaming with.
  5. Hey @@Commonly I was hanging out with a friend Kevin "Brake" Zimmerman during worlds. He saw you on EG and how far you had come since he played in the reach days. He was super excited and proud to see where you are now a days. Also he said hi.
  6. Seems like all we really know is Mikwen and Rayne are running games. Where's that juicy Intel on the others they have ran with?
  7. See I thought this too but why would pistola make an alternate tag named key bread? Not impossible just seems odd for him to play on an alternate tag. If it isn't him it does peak my interest who the 4th they were running with is.
  8. Finally going to come out of my lurk cave! Anxious to see these new teams shake up. Also with apg, ace, and maniac staying a few days in california i would imagine that could stall any major moves between liquid and optic? I'm curious what everyone thought of Heinz performance at worlds. We all know Heinz has quite the resume, but i felt his tournament performance was extremely quiet.

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