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  1. It is just what comes with being one of the biggest eSports organizations
  2. APG apparently bagged him and he has been personally attacking them like a 12 year old. Asked if APG was still in a coma and a bunch of other crap.
  3. Listening to Danoxide in this OpTic scrim is embarrassing
  4. I understand, but if a team ever changes their roster, even during the change period. That won't be the team that qualified for the league. The teams qualify for the league, not the players.
  5. Yeah let's punish optic for Naded deciding to step down. How dare they not control his actions.
  6. Man, anyone else really disappointing about Naded? I respect his decision, but it having one of your favorite players on your favorite team step down after qualifying is rough. FeelsBrettMan
  7. I don't understand the huge gripe about Power Rankings, they are made out of good fun and enjoyable to look at. They are always going to be opinionated, I don't know why so many people get upset about them.
  8. Naded disappears, suddenly Ogre 2 joins the lobby. #TheReturn
  9. EG 4-3 over CLG right now. Get ready to change those power rankings.
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