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  1. Hey everyone!! I just had my first ever montage made and would love some support/ feedback! Many more to come as well, thinking about doing either another H5 montage or a throwback with another Halo game! Let me know what you guys think. Hope you enjoy
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  3. Hey guys just posted another gameplay! Hope you all enjoy Also want to let it known I'm a F/a and would greatly LOVE to find a team or at least run with some lol. Anyways hope everyone has a good one and any love at all from you guys is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a great day! I'm trying to get more involved in the community and such by talking to you guys here and by making some consistent Youtube content! If you have any suggestions for videos please let me know would love to hear all ideas! Anyways here's some content from last nights scrims and I also have a video talking about who I am and my history if you haven't seen my first YT vid, so be sure to check that out if you're interested Much love to you all and good luck to everyone in Season 2!
  5. So this is the place I need to be I heard, asuuhhh dooods
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