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  1. Thanks. I think they looked better with Eco though regardless of how the grand finals turns out.
  2. Haven’t watched in a while. Did Tox get rid of Eco, or did Eco leave on his own?
  3. Am I the only one who thinks it's kinda weird how out of all the esports there are, Shele chooses to make his LAN debut at 12 year old game with a prize pool of $30,000?
  4. But if they 3-0'd they'd still have to play one more game anyways!
  5. Fortnite is really popular and doesn't have sprint. Coincidence? Happy new year.
  6. Honestly, H3 is so pleasing to watch. I hope they have twitch.tv in jail because T2 would love this!
  7. I'm just waiting for the Lunchbox WWE entrance and taps out Flamesword.
  8. Once again, Ninja refuses to grind for the 2v2 event and plays BR games on stream instead and just leaves Victory X out to dry. I’m honestly just sick of it. #JusticeForVictory
  9. Ninja might be making millions, meeting celebrities etc. but he’s forever a reach kid.
  10. Impossible to know. Consistent success in Halo 3 was so dependant on team composition. Of course, you were probably a better overall player than SK at the time, but that wouldn't necessarily mean you all would have been a better team. Look at 2010 Str8 with +Heinz -ElamiteWarrior. On paper that was an upgrade but that team never finished better than 8th.
  11. Yeah its 2v2 Guardian slayer with AR/Pistol starts with radar. On the map includes overshield, spike grenades, bubble shield, flare, gravity hammer, and that thing that explodes when you shoot it on S3.
  12. Would love to see competitive CSGO take a page from competitive Halo 5 and add sprint and spartan abilities to the game. #PapaSavage #Dedi
  13. I have two things to I’d like say: 1. Ninja is a super genius for switching from Halo to Fortnite so he could get super famous and singlehandily save Halo when Halo guardians drops and Fortnite becomes stale. He’ll switch back to Halo and singlehandidly bring in 100k+ viewers to Halo on Twitch everynight thus reviving the franchise and the competitive scene. 2. I wrote the first part as a troll because of how fucking pissed I am that Lethul’s comeback stream happened during my vacation. L8r nerds.
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