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  1. I wish they would offer those online I really want to buy one but the events are never near me(NC).
  2. Does anybody know if they are selling Final Boss hoodies at this event? I heard they sell those at MLG events.
  3. I don't think anyone was doubting that. Splyce is in another zip code.
  4. Hey guys I watched the last Worlds and I got that free pack they gave out on the last day of that tournament. The one with the helmet and armor, maybe a emblem. What is the difference in that pack and the one they are selling now for $9.99?
  5. The MLG guys need to tell Activision to saddle up and let them take on some CoD and Halo side by side events. That's what Halo needs more than anything.
  6. Dude you misinterpreted that so hard. He said that production didn't care since it was iM playing and not a top team when they complained about it. Production said play on.
  7. Canadian CoD championship has got a bigger venue than HCS Worlds smh. https://twitter.com/MWeSports/status/846052786966069248
  8. I don't think Halo would fill that venue tbh. At least not right now. I'd like to see side by side with a CoD event and that happens.
  9. Crimsix is a grinder. He stays in his room playing a large amount more than anyone else in that house. Granted Crimsix is CoD player but they could fit. Also you have to understand they don't film the boring shit. They basically film the interesting parts of their day and a lot of that includes social interaction with others. So while you may think they just talk and chill all day it may be only like 10% of their free time but 80% of the vlog. IDK maybe i looked at it wrong. But with Crimsix being that grinder type i don't think anyone makes him do shit he don't want to, and they would treat those guys the same way.
  10. I mean with Halo they don't have as many leagues as CS and to be fair after one season of play(typically ESEA&ESL league) is over they do switch teams. Halo is all about the next tournament and how to win that. CS is a bigger team game than Halo(not to say Halo isn't) so while you may be shit for 2 tournaments because of a new IGL, the next 6 months may be amazing. CS is also probably using different contract structure if i had to imagine.
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