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  1. I'm still catching up on SXSW (then I'll catch up on this thread) but i just wanted to say that production/casters have really seemed to have hit their stride. i liked the TRIO, the goldenboy disses, and the chemistry and banter in general. but i loved the content. player highlights and interviews, and especially the snipedown vs lethul bit. bravo's breakup interview had me dying and the matches they played were just a ton of fun. much props to all involved. more please. EDIT: i posted this in the wrong place
  2. that sounds like a lot of fun. love the idea of a rivalry playing out in front of us and snipedown vs lethul is a perfect first match up.
  3. Maybe late on this, havent caught up since the site came back, but mikwen heading to the 343 pro team? apparently 343 is rebuilding the pro team for infinite. coincides with mikwen's retirement due to an opportunity that won't allow him to compete. if so, congrats and hyped. mikwen always comes off as a fairly grounded guy that can communicate what the game needs well.
  4. like, not to downplay halo 3 and the excitement it brought, but i think at least some of the viewer spike came from the optic green wall no?
  5. i like the skins, but more importantly - i like that they apparently fixed the issue with adding skins. also, still supporting the game with new content.
  6. late to the party but congrats @@RyaNoob for the great event. super stoked for you and your team.
  7. Even at this venue, we expecting seats to sell out? How quick would VIP typically go? Is VIP seating worth the price? Tell me what I want to hear so I buy air fare and my way in the door and worry about convincing the wife later.
  8. So very tempted. We're spending a week in Mexico and returning literally days before worlds. Not sure the wife is going to go for me leaving the very next weekend. But by god, I think I'm going to try. I'll be the eldest fan there, rooting on envyus, sporting an operation ivy hat. Hopefully. Say hi
  9. i know the popular sentiment is that the reason the series declined is because it moved away from what halo was after 3 (no need to post graphs) but i'm not convinced. i don't think its that simple. however, if 6 does return to its classic halo roots, i'd enjoy the hell out of it and would be genuinely curious to see if it resparked the franchise. so yeah, go for it or dont (i like 5)
  10. i'm good with building on 5. so long as we get all the problems fixed and loads of quality maps and gametypes.
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