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  1. I know this is unpopular, but I'm dying to see some of the post-launch maps get in rotation. Tyrant, Stasis, Molten, Mercy all have potential. Overgrowth, Torque, and Riptide have their issues, but might be able to be re-worked. I think it'd good news some of these Gametypes are in Proving Grounds, for those of us who are looking for this change.
  2. I usually stick to /r/halo, and even they like it there, and they are usually much less inclined to appreciate competitive-centric design. I think the prevalence in sprint means radar is still incredibly useful. From my experience (plat 5 scrub), the radar is just useful enough that it's still effective at lower level play, and yet the new settings allow for just enough manipulation that you can pull off great plays when you want.
  3. I don't see why proving grounds radar shouldn't be adopted. If we're going to keep sprint, which is an assumption built into the map design, then the last thing we want are players sprinting around without any way to be detected. PG radar incentivises walking over sprinting and helps mitigate the effect of the occasional spartan charge and ground pound. Make sure clamber, slide, and jump don't show up on radar and we're golden(boy).
  4. Ayy that's me! New to halo. Went on TB to check for more info and see my tweet. Today was cool.
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