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  1. Sure. I understand that. But my interest is primarily in the PC experience and I am not really convinced that balancing for mixed input is worth investigating. Yeah, that is no doubt the primary reason for it, but I think the benefit of drip-feeding the older games leading up to Infinite is pretty clear. They wanted to get a Halo game out for this holiday season, which is why they launched Reach before they finished overhauling Forge for PC (among other things) and having a continuous schedule of "new" content drops gives them a perfect platform for building hype on PC for the shiny new game at the end of 2020. It's basically an early access game + Halo Infinite promotional campaign.
  2. Oh, I am absolutely under no delusion that MCC will take over on PC. In fact, I'm sure that the predictable population drop-off for a port of an old game is a big part of the reason for the staggered release schedule leading into Infinite. People will play the campaigns of each new game when they come out, enjoy the nostalgic experience in multiplayer for a week or two, and then move on to whatever their preferred multiplayer game with regularly updated seasonal unlocks is. The population will plateau at something respectable but hardy chart-dominating between releases. To be clear, my primary concern is not Reach. Reach just happens to be the only real option for the moment on PC and the first example of the problems Halo will have on PC. My concern with with the series on the platform going forward and more specifically Halo Infinite. Halo has a chance to fill a hole in the market as a high skill respawn FPS (one more accessible than Quake). It will not do that if it launches as a console-first game with mouse controls tacked on. MCC is the best test bed for PC-friendly tuning they have now and scaring off the hardcore PC FPS audience this far out from the next new release doesn't seem like a good plan either. And, obviously, it would make the game much more enjoyable for me.
  3. The PC population, based on the Steam player counts alone, is in a fast and consistent decline already. I'm sure that there are a variety of reasons for this, but overpowering aim assists ARE a significant problem for PC FPS players and the complaints about it are widespread on plenty of platforms not specific to Halo. Plenty of bigger PC FPS streamers played the game day one, immediately noticed what a joke the gun-play is, and have barely touched it since. Aim assist complaints remain a staple in the remaining stream chats (which are all long time controller players). The "plug in my controller and bask in high school/college nostalgia" experience isn't going to sustain the game long term. Obsessive console Halo players were going to be grinding the game regardless... Or complaining about it on Halo forums while barely playing it at all. The idea that everyone waiting for Halo official supported on PC was just waiting to plug in their console controllers is a bit ridiculous to me. And none of this has any real relevance to the joke that is competitive play on PC dominated by controller players. At the very least, changes need to be made to hardcore.
  4. I honestly hope that the made for console double digit IQ weapon tuning doesn't kill this game on PC, because I've been saying for ages that Halo could be a truly great PC FPS. This current port is not a PC FPS. It's a console game with a few PC features. The fact that it's already as fun as it is simply with the addition of mouse aim speaks to the potential the series has, but 343 needs to stop catering to console expectations and let this game (and the rest of the MCC) have the aim skill ceiling it deserves. Fundamentally, the age old DMR starts and bloom arguments are a distraction from this larger issue. Step one before they even consider running tournaments is to massively reduce the ridiculous fat reticle bullet magnetism/autoaim that pulls your shots into enemy targets within a massive radius.
  5. I've long been of the opinion that no weapons in Halo that aren't snipers should have scopes on them anyway (mid range de-scope battles are stupid and awkward), and the sniper doesn't need a 10x zoom either, but I'm not really convinced that the DMR is a problem. Halo has a pretty long tradition of stupid map design for BTB in particular and it's pretty obvious that instead of rethinking the viability of "giant valley with no cover" maps, Bungo tried to enforce "intended ranges" with a variety of random factors. This is not the fault of the DMR. It's the fault of Bungie designing shitty maps with tons of extremely long, open sight-lines CONSISTENTLY in every single game. And the only way that can possibly work without the impacts that people whine about (i.e. lots of long range gun fights forcing you to stick to cover) is if the weapons are all basically useless outside of close-mid range. I don't want to single out Bungo on that issue either, because 343 used a similar rationale for adding random spread to the H5 BR when they finally decided to try some re-balancing. If you just make it harder, decent players will quickly hit the low console aim skill ceiling, but if you make it RANDOM, everyone is inconsistent at range. Balance! They eventually settled for obnoxious recoil instead. And now with Reach on PC, we have the "problem" that people aiming with a mouse (i.e. me) are still consistent outside of red reticle range. And why is that? Well, it might have something to do with the absurd bullet magnetism/autoaim values that were tuned for ease of use on console 10 years ago and capped the skill ceiling well below any reasonable maximum for mouse aim. Not that it's particularly hard most of the time to get back behind cover when someone is hitting you at that range, given the extremely long TTK and bloom. No big deal, tho. All of the "competitive" players are plugging in their controllers for that high level aim assist hardcore game-play!
  6. At least with 30 meaningless progression systems in play and random loot, I can see the psychological manipulation that keeps people engaged. But with AR/SMG starts Halo... I honestly don't get it. Even if the game actually played the way they imagine it would... Why is that even fun to them? I want to obliviously run around the map collecting mostly shitty weapons that are only remotely interesting because they fire brightly colored bullets before walking in a straight line directly towards the objective spraying my ar and then trading melees hehe halo is so fun. These are the same geniuses that will dutifully go 2-19 in KotH standing in the hill all game oblivious to the fact that I am murdering everyone around them and going +30 with 0 hill time. You might be able to convince me that the warthog deserves a buff, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't miss being able to pretty consistently kill all three idiots in a warthog with only my spawn weapon. Maybe just make the driver and passenger harder to kill so I can still murder turret kids. Fuck Banshees.
  7. I'm not seeing why this is an issue. Is it more fun when literal morons can fly around the map in their unstoppable vehicle getting free kills until someone finally stops them with their designated Anti-Vehicle Power Weapon™? I can't remember the last time Halo vehicles were this tolerable.
  8. So, your argument for why PC and the huge list of objective advantages it has over consoles (and the vastly larger game library going back decades) is a "hassle" is that... some half-assed console-first ports exist? Stunning. And I'll bet, like on consoles, there was no way for the community to modify any of those games to improve the experience when the publisher wouldn't, right? Laughs in CSGO console port
  9. LMAO. Truly a sobering reminder that the majority of the Halo player base has never been even remotely good at any of the games.
  10. "lol. DMRs don't take skill. Real skill is winning bullet hose melee fights and running across giant open areas to the nearest boom boom before bee-lining the objective. Maybe if you played something other than OP DMR starts, you would know something about Halo." -SpartanTimmy117 (0.32 K/D)
  11. Skill gap compression. Make everything a random cone bullet hose that's borderline useless outside of point-blank range and you guarantee that there is only so much a good player can do to set themselves apart. Meanwhile, idiots are free to wander around in the open, searching for shiny new weapons and mining for nose gold irl. It's the casual utopia. In theory. I'm honestly amazed that precision weapons ever became a thing given how much of a boner a bunch of people at Bungo clearly had for making sure that weapons are never actually consistent. Always justified with goofy rationales about limiting effective range. Of course, the "mid-to-short-range combat" Nerf gun starts game modes have always sucked ass, which is why the precision rifle modes have remained popular.
  12. Imagine thinking bloom is a problem when everyone is still spawning with ridiculously OP DMRs. Unbelievable. MLG kids ruining Halo yet again.
  13. No, but PC players get to deal with red reticle controller aim lock anyway, which is great. Additional plus for you, since most of the vaguely serious players are plugging their Xbox controllers into their PCs, I imagine hardcore on Xbox is pretty low key.
  14. Halo's movement, particularly as it relates to strafing and gunfights, has been pretty ass from the beginning. Thrust is a big part of the reason that H5 has the best in-fight movement in the series, along with the faster strafe and crouch. Slide is a much bigger problem and doesn't benefit the game at all. I would prefer that the benefits of thrust be accomplished through better core movement mechanics and reduced (no) aim assists across the board, but very little is accomplished by hyperbolic critiques of H5 movement by people who don't seem to understand how the game actually works at Gold rank and above.
  15. I do not, but thanks for the offer.
  16. I think we can all agree that console FPS games were a mistake.
  17. A perfect example of why having "creative" ideas is worth roughly jack shit. Not that Boyo ranks particularly highly even among the venerable ranks of "ideas guys." A nice start towards improvement would be, prior to writing a post describing a crazy new idea in excruciating and oblivious detail, to think to one's self "is this idea fucking terrible?" If the answer is yes, select all and press backspace. The (un)intended side effect of this would be that Boyo would almost never post anything. Which I personally would view as a marked improvement.
  18. Flinch: BAD Hit stun: GOOD I understand.
  19. What truly makes this forum special is the constant projection and complete lack of self-awareness.
  20. Well, yes, but that could perhaps be described more accurately as 15 years of pretending 4v4 Slayer is a worthwhile competitive game type.
  21. You think a game-type that literally forces players to throw themselves at a bunch of overpowered items is more dynamic than a gametype where their positioning is NOT dictated by a bunch of timers all but forcing them to certain areas of the map at certain times? More structured? Arguably. More dynamic? No. Where Halo players got the idea that no one would move without some nuke to pick up on the map, I will never know.
  22. OK, everyone. Back to pure, insufferable passive aggression or else the moderation team will no doubt be FORCED to delete a bunch of random posts and hand out a ban to someone they disagree with.
  23. How incredibly profound. Now just imagine how many perfect kills people could get with no movement at all. Really makes you think.

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