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  1. "lol. DMRs don't take skill. Real skill is winning bullet hose melee fights and running across giant open areas to the nearest boom boom before bee-lining the objective. Maybe if you played something other than OP DMR starts, you would know something about Halo." -SpartanTimmy117 (0.32 K/D)
  2. Skill gap compression. Make everything a random cone bullet hose that's borderline useless outside of point-blank range and you guarantee that there is only so much a good player can do to set themselves apart. Meanwhile, idiots are free to wander around in the open, searching for shiny new weapons and mining for nose gold irl. It's the casual utopia. In theory. I'm honestly amazed that precision weapons ever became a thing given how much of a boner a bunch of people at Bungo clearly had for making sure that weapons are never actually consistent. Always justified with goofy rationales about limiting effective range. Of course, the "mid-to-short-range combat" Nerf gun starts game modes have always sucked ass, which is why the precision rifle modes have remained popular.
  3. Imagine thinking bloom is a problem when everyone is still spawning with ridiculously OP DMRs. Unbelievable. MLG kids ruining Halo yet again.
  4. No, but PC players get to deal with red reticle controller aim lock anyway, which is great. Additional plus for you, since most of the vaguely serious players are plugging their Xbox controllers into their PCs, I imagine hardcore on Xbox is pretty low key.
  5. Halo's movement, particularly as it relates to strafing and gunfights, has been pretty ass from the beginning. Thrust is a big part of the reason that H5 has the best in-fight movement in the series, along with the faster strafe and crouch. Slide is a much bigger problem and doesn't benefit the game at all. I would prefer that the benefits of thrust be accomplished through better core movement mechanics and reduced (no) aim assists across the board, but very little is accomplished by hyperbolic critiques of H5 movement by people who don't seem to understand how the game actually works at Gold rank and above.
  6. I do not, but thanks for the offer.
  7. I think we can all agree that console FPS games were a mistake.
  8. A perfect example of why having "creative" ideas is worth roughly jack shit. Not that Boyo ranks particularly highly even among the venerable ranks of "ideas guys." A nice start towards improvement would be, prior to writing a post describing a crazy new idea in excruciating and oblivious detail, to think to one's self "is this idea fucking terrible?" If the answer is yes, select all and press backspace. The (un)intended side effect of this would be that Boyo would almost never post anything. Which I personally would view as a marked improvement.
  9. Flinch: BAD Hit stun: GOOD I understand.
  10. What truly makes this forum special is the constant projection and complete lack of self-awareness.
  11. Well, yes, but that could perhaps be described more accurately as 15 years of pretending 4v4 Slayer is a worthwhile competitive game type.
  12. You think a game-type that literally forces players to throw themselves at a bunch of overpowered items is more dynamic than a gametype where their positioning is NOT dictated by a bunch of timers all but forcing them to certain areas of the map at certain times? More structured? Arguably. More dynamic? No. Where Halo players got the idea that no one would move without some nuke to pick up on the map, I will never know.
  13. OK, everyone. Back to pure, insufferable passive aggression or else the moderation team will no doubt be FORCED to delete a bunch of random posts and hand out a ban to someone they disagree with.
  14. How incredibly profound. Now just imagine how many perfect kills people could get with no movement at all. Really makes you think.

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