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  1. The Golden Triangle is truly a work of art. Among my very best, I think.
  2. I know you guys like to live in the past and pine endlessly for your rose-tinted vision of "classic Halo," but the world has changed, online communication options have expanded, and no one gives a fuck about Halo match-making ranks. I know you haven't moved on from the 2004 glory days, but the vast majority of the kids still taking console FPS games seriously are feeing their game audio through a PC interface and talking to their party of 4 through Discord. The remaining population doesn't give a shit about getting call-outs from every single random they get matched with All you're trying to do is somehow force people to take ranked solo queue as seriously as you like to think you do by forcing them to mute your endless whining in voice chat instead of forming a party with 3 other people who want to sweat their nuts off as much as you do BEFORE you search. Most people just want to play some ranked with a friend or two and aren't planning on putting their Gold 4 on their resume.
  3. Fortnite is the most popular game in the world. Just making a good game is not a solid business strategy. And none of those weapons will ever be outright removed, so advocating for that would be a waste of time.
  4. I think that expectation is about as arbitrary as the expectation that a RIFLE should be better than a SIDEARM. Having more than one of those weapons in the game is completely pointless for Halo's sandbox to begin with, but they aren't going to cut them and casuals aren't going to suddenly start caring about function over form when they literally never have. Might as well implement them in a way that makes sense and doesn't make the game worse. Just think of them as a weapon class or something. And, honestly, they probably wouldn't even need to be that explicit about it. Just call it a "loadout" and you have dozens of threads discussing which is the best starting weapon guaranteed. "No, dude. The Light rifle is CLEARLY better than the DMR." "You're insane. Carbine shits all over both of those weapons." "Man, I just hate it when I have to pick up someone's shitty Magnum off the ground mid match. Such a huge downgrade from the BR." Meanwhile, they all have exactly identical mechanics.
  5. How about, since a bunch of goofballs have an pointless aesthetic hang-up about using a bad-ass, high caliber pistol in Halo, they introduce the following: Utility Weapon Customization in combination with a comprehensive, extensible skin system that they built from the ground up after throwing out Halo 5's awful cosmetics. You select WHICH weapon you use (Magnum, DMR, BR, Carbine, Light Rifle, whatever else) in the Spartan customization screen. When you pick up a "utility weapon" on the map (or spawn with it), you automatically use your selected weapon and skin (kind of like Gears 4). If you pick up someone else's on the ground, their cosmetics would remain intact. These weapons are completely identical in functionality in every way. Shallow variety achieved. Balance problems avoided. Expanded, monetizable customization options introduced. Modern FPS loadout system approximated with no negative impact on gameplay. Kiddies can start with a RIFLE AND NOT A SIDE ARM if they really need to.
  6. The Platinum Rhombus: 1. Two state regenerating health system. How players take damage changes based on whether they are shielded or unshielded. 2. Respawn gametypes. Strong emphasis on spawn manipulation and spawn rotations. 3. EVEN precision gunfights, courtesy of everyone spawning with a "utility" weapon (in game modes worth playing). 4. Map pick-ups (including annoying shit like camo).
  7. I already explained IN DETAIL the topic he commented on and there is nothing to debate. He didn't articulate a coherent opinion. He made an observably inaccurate objective claim about a game he probably hasn't even played, let alone thought about for any significant period of time. But sure, I guess that's exactly the same thing as me expressing my distaste for the extremely high impact of mechanics that don't require significant execution/precision or carry major risk and being met with incredulity that anyone could suggest significant changes to anything that has been around long enough to be "classic Halo." I think there's a clear difference between saying "I don't like this and here's why" and saying "these two self-evidently different things are totally the same."
  8. I'm primarily referring to your assumption that you can make any useful observation about CS:GO with working knowledge seemingly gleaned from Twitch highlight clips on Reddit (at best), but your opinions about Halo certainly provide some useful context. lmao. UNACCEPTABRU. I have no respect for useless "observations" about CS from people who blatantly know next to nothing about that game. What kind of response do you think that deserved, exactly? Should I congratulate him for trying? Anyone who has spent more than 10 seconds at a time considering how competitive Counter-Strike functions could recognize that his comment was absurd. Not to mention the fact that I already explained the difference in some detail earlier in this very thread when I brought up the comparison. How long do I need to humor confident ignorance to fulfill my acceptable internet adulting quota?
  9. I'm still waiting for one post from you that demonstrates that you have functional knowledge of any topic whatsoever, but I suspect that I'll be waiting quite some time.
  10. So, exactly like every other competitive gametype in Halo 5.

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