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  1. And Puckett, because everything just gets better with him there.
  2. So with all the stuff that's happened we don't care about being over 6 feet and fully tatted ? Apologies for using an old meme. I just caught up on stuff since the 7th. Really sad that the old OpTic team was dropped but now that TJ is on OpTic he can finally take Nicks room and complete what he's always said. Also really hyped for Maniacs vlogs with Formal and Lethul in them, if Lethul does move in.
  3. So when are we going to say EG looking happier is a honeymoon phase ? Now I'll remember that I'm an OpTic fan and go back into my hole. See you'll when they win a game and I can come out of the closet saying I believed.
  4. It gets me everytime, I should probably just start doing a Google search of these kind of tweets to be sure. Still going to support the team regardless. It's rough being a fan of the Halo squad.
  5. How do you deal with this ???? It's getting hard for fans to cope up with this stuff. I know he's been trying hard to get better but I really wish I knew what went on in his mind.
  6. While I do agree with the point you make about Ninja getting the brunt of the blame. He also has his own fan base which is very passionate about him.
  7. Honeymoon phase ? I really hope it works out for him this time. Really greatful to him for getting OpTic to the pro league.
  8. Finally caught up on like a weeks worth of forum posts, I think. Saw 2-3 people say they're catching up on posts. Loving rostermania every bit, Jesus that Envy squad is great, all that's needed is for Ola to grow that Gandalf/Dumbledore like beard and we're good right ? Hopefully Towey will be able to keep Naded and Ninja from tilting. This is the Phil Jackson of Halo we're talking about right ? I'm really hoping that Roybox play at the level we know they're capable of. On the OpTic Halo front, I really hope they get a real coach man. As an OpTic fan I'll stick by this roster no matter how good/bad they are. Nick has improved steadily but I really hope he talks to Mikwen about what him and Ola did to get used to H5's movement(I know Mikwen posted about the jump maps but I don't if Nick remembers because of the pressure of relegation he had). I hope they step it up as a team. PapaMikwen is stil awesome, is Copper banned now ? I don't even know why I thought staying away from beyond for a while was a good idea while I was sick.
  9. Missing the vetoes is actually a next level strategy. This way nobody will know their best maps but they will know everybody's.
  10. As an OpTic fan even I'm frustrated with the team but the sub Reddit is the same place where they were calling for Hecz's head because he didn't pick up a European team for CS and said that this team wouldn't make a major. Granted that lineup had Shazam and Mixwell is on a different level. Point being Hecz doesn't really care too much about the what they say there. Then again he isn't the type of person to wash his dirty laundry in public so it's hard to predict what he's thinking. When the whole Shazam debacle took place with the CS roster all he said that he was something on the lines of him re-evaluating his decision and taking a hard look at the team. As a fan all I can do is hope this team works out and moves in the right direction.
  11. First time trying to embed a twitter link, sorry if i don't get it right but here's the daily dose of wisdom by GuruNiaC edit: it's also 3 AM where I am so i might not be the most functional member of society right now edit2: if someone could please direct to where the correct method of doing this is or DM what I'm doing wrong, I would highly appreciate it.
  12. OpTic looking better but I'm really impressed with E6, they executed very well to close out/games. Also Bubu Dubu is definitely the next coming of the Wizard, would love to watch a 1v1 of him and Ola. Str8sick was getting annoyed with him so much on Eden Slayer and was frustrated by how Bubu kept staying alive.
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