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  1. Been gone for a long time but had to return for the final Halo 5 tourney. Looking forward to a amazing weekend ( especially with that Halo 3 Showdown) , filled with some memorable games and hopefully no blowout finals.
  2. Whatever happened to the Oddball gametype? Was it not good enough for competitive play?
  3. No, I believe it has. Just want to see a little shake up in the top 4 teams so that it isn't the same teams placing every tourney. Maybe its the lack of tournaments, maybe its just that the meta for H5 has already peaked ( although learning that Splyce don't practice and only 2v2 is interesting), maybe the lower teams don't practice effectively, or enough, but it can get boring watching and predicting the same teams to win every tournament (even if my favorite team wins). Can't imagine another enjoyable year of Halo 5 with this.
  4. Hoping for a TOX win today, getting the 3peat would be an amazing way to close out Halo 5 ( if this is the last Worlds). Feeling anxious that Splyce will likely win if TOX doesn't come out the gate with a counter to their aggression. Although we had some close games and nail biting comebacks, I really hope Halo 6 can have a more balanced meta so that there isn't a major skill gap between top teams. Really hard to get excited for 5-16th match ups when there is just consistent blowout games, gets so boring to watch
  5. Same. Recently played the WWII beta and gotta say that I've had more fun on Doom multiplayer. It's just not the same
  6. Going to Dreamhack Atlanta was an AMAZING experience. First time going to anything esports related and it really was great to see such a major turnout of attendees at the event. Hopefully this can prove that there NEEDS to be more events hosted on the east coast. Congratulations to Splyce for winning the tourney!! Even though I am a Optic fan, its still nice to watch some young guns prove their skills. They played phenomenally, bringing some crazy competition to Optic's high end gameplay. The crowd at the event was lit. So many people showed up to support Halo and Esports in general.Sharing the hype when a clutch play happened was much better than watching it at home alone. It made viewing in person much better. There was also a lot of support for most of the teams, only Optic getting minimal support (Snipedown was right).I guess everyone wants them to lose , but I still had a blast watching. That last CTF match was crazy, everyone thought it was over and people was cheering prematurely. If only Optic won, it would have been even more of an amazing comeback, but they still played great. To anyone who has the opportunity to attend, you should go. Viewing the matches in person is a much better experience than watching online. Sadly, that's the part that disappoints me the most. As much as people say this community complains about the state of Halo esports, the consistent production blunders is really unacceptable. I really don't understand how a company that can run a major CS:GO event almost flawlessly, still have so many problems with Halo at EVERY event. How can we still have servers crashing mid game, why isn't there LAN support? When will we ever get a event that runs with few mistakes, with all of the important matches streamed, with no servers or game builds crashing, with no setup blunders? I have watched a lot of tourneys and their finals on twitch (Halo,Gears,COD,LOL,Smash,etc) and to see that these events rarely have problems, it's so disappointing to remember something going wrong at what seems like every Halo event. It's a good thing that the competition can keep some people interest in Halo alive, maybe til Halo 6 but we are on a tightrope. ESL/343 really need to work out all the kinks and fix them fast before Halo is only remembered for its glory days and world finals in a kids backyard. Btw, Shoutout to all the casters and production crew that has to suck it up and find a way to make the best of this situation at every tournament, especially Simms.
  7. When people say this, are they annoyed that Optic is on another level or they annoyed at the competition for not closing the skill gap to Optic? Often confused by this statement.
  8. I've actually been lurking in here since the birth of Beyond and the start of this thread. Glad to see how far Beyond and Halo has come since the dark times of Halo 4, AGL, and MCC. Definitely enjoying the dank memes and Ola mixtapes. Looking forward to HCS Season 2 and how these teams play out. Even though I am a loyal Cummie ( CLG OP!!!!) and enjoy seeing Lethul taking the win once again, I would rather see some competition. During Season 1 and 2 of MCC, I often skipped some tourneys believing EG would win anyway. Hopefully we see a team push them to their limits, so we don't get another anti-climatic HWC Finals. *Btw, is there like a guide for using emotes, links, sigs, etc? Trying to decorate this account
  9. Been lurking around in this chat from the fall of the The Halo Council and the birth of Beyond. Been watching competitive Halo since the end of Halo 3 ( Sadly missing a great era. :/ ) and the beginning of Halo Reach, through the dark times of Halo 4 and MCC, and now the possible revival of Halo in Halo 5 ( We back????). Once under the GT: Dreadful Skolar, now the Chrome Vagabond. Never been much fan of orgs as a whole and more so of the players themselves. Started watching Ninja in Reach and then moved on to Lethul in Halo 4. Glad to see CLG win this 1 millie. Pretty average at Halo tho, I usually have major on and off days. Probably find me in Warzone often, playing casually. Figure its time I join since I religiously check this site everyday or every other day. Probably still lurk but now I can chime in discussions more. Until next time
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