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  1. Hello if your looking to mabey form a team I am also a free agent. If this sounds of interest to you shoot me an email at [email protected]
  2. Hello my name is Aidan Hebert and I am looking for a dedicated team that is willing to put in the hours and go the distance to play professionally in the scene. Looking for 18+ teams only. I want to compete in any competitions that will really get me and my teams name out there allowing us to move up in the ranks. you can contact me at my Xbox gamertag : Palaidan98 or email me (preferred) at [email protected] I have playing halo since I was six years old and have never lost the love I had for it since then. This is my greatest life goal and want to make this happen. If i sound like a guy you want contact me. p.s: i had onyx rank in swat breakout in season one and two, and my current rank is platinum 1 because I dont have a team to count on just pubs.

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