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  1. huh? lol did that really go over your head? communication issues - no speaky english... yikes
  2. read what you just wrote and think about that again. kappa
  3. Penguin & Rain Devon & Contra 2 stranded duo's, maybe they should join up...just a thought!
  4. wonder if allegiance will stick together While that was a decent showing it certainly wasn't a home run performance Give it a few weeks I suppose but still you have to think its win or go home for Spartan, it's only about winning
  5. Eg struggled on TS controlling the map and power weapons Eg was solid on objective ALG didn't really impress me too much, not to say they're not top 5, but eyeball test...not sniffing CLGs dirty boxers. EG > ALG 2.0 all day IMO.
  6. Dude I can't even believe what I heard about contra and Devon on twitch, I'm not gonna read it all back but if it's true that's disgraceful. They should look for a new org, how dare the owner try to bench them? Seems absolutely bizarre.
  7. lGotta agree Plus no scrims for a while at this rate And little Intel Might be time to go dark boys, this feels like an off season for a few more weeks. The Intel is non existent.
  8. Pretty much just disagree with all of ninjas sentiments there Nothing about your reporting
  9. Lethal just disputed much of what ninja had said He thinks ninja is on drugs
  10. Are we sure would fully comprehended what unlegit said though either? Kappa
  11. Lol I better chill out don't want my rep to go negative on wait Relax just giving you guys my perspective I hope unlegit continues to speak his mind
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