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  1. Rules for reference, section 3.7 https://www.esl-one.com/fileadmin/user_upload/pro-league/halo/HCS_Pro_League_Summer_2017_Season_Handbook.pdf
  2. While unlikely EG can still place T4. First EG would have to win their match preferably 3-0 but they can still get T4 with a 3-2 but if they won 3-2 Nv would have to lose to Str8 3-0 and LG would have to lose at least 2-3. if EG were to go 3- against Ronin which isn't unlikely they would still need to have both Nv and LG lose but Nv could lose a close 3-2 which isn't so far-fetched. SO.. EGs could very well still make T4 and go to finals if they win a 3-0 series against Ronin, LG and Nv would both have to lose their series at least 3-2. They (EG, LG, and Nv) would all be sitting at (3-3) Match W/L which would trigger a H2H and the team with the highest Map W/L would take 4th. The W/L of all three teams is as followed 1. EG best scenario (1.153~) 2. Nv 2-3 L to Str8 (1.142~) 3. LG 2-3 L to OG (0.75) Don't count EG out yet, their 3-0 win over Ronin is very likely and LG's loss to Splyce is also very likely. All they need is to Nv to choke a game 5. Also all you guys above that EG can still place 7th and go to relegation are dumb read the rules nerds. Also fun scenario for thought, if LG were to win their match against Splyce 3-0 and Liquid to OpTic 0-3 they would be sent to a H2H which would cause them to be tied (4-3) Match W/L and (13-13) Map W/L. They would then be the first two teams to be tied in both Match and Map W/L, however LG would steal the 3rd place seed from Liquid due to the fact that LG beat Liquid week 2 (3-1). This seems like a small issue but keep in mind whomever takes 4 seed for finals would have to play OpTic Round 1 of a Double Elimination which puts them almost immediately into losers bracket. im naked
  3. Halo 5 1. No Radar 2. No autos 3. Better weapon placements/Sniper aim assist and magnetism nerf
  4. These a FFA/2v2 tournement in indy on the 19 if interested either reply to this post or add me. The sooner the better GT: EESDESESESSRDT
  5. Hey looking for two members usually get onyx 1700 avg in FFA because I haven't had a team but would be great to playsometime and team GT/Twitter DM: EESDESESESSRDT
  6. Yo mate a friend and I have recently started up a team were both onyx level players and were looking for two more high level players to compete with message me if you're still interested. GT: EESDESESESSRDT
  7. Yo were looking for two high level players that communicate well and can slay if interested message me GT: EESDESESESSRDT or twitter with the same handle. No level or age requirement but have to play team leader to prove you skill. Need players asap.
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