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  1. Very few Halo players/fans care about shit talking. It's a pretty vocal minority whining about trash talk.
  2. Guys...it's a fan voted MVP, aka the most popular person wins. No one thinks it means shit.
  3. Liquid losing 3 maps over 3 series the entire tournament and being elminated is fair? Come on man... The ONLY rebuttal people seem to have to that statement is "liquid should have just won the series, they knew it was win or go home". Why not just have 1 game series then? What other sports do does not pertain to video games. Just because other sports have a shitty way of doing things doesn't mean it's ok for Halo to do it to. If the NFL could have football games every single day of the year without players getting mad, then they would do it. The NFL tried to add one game extra a few years back and players said fuck that. The way other sports do things are HUGELY influenced by money, players, owners, and everything BUT fairness. Professional sports players do not earn money for placing 4th compared go 6th, 2nd instead of 8th, etc. If they do have incentive bonuses in their contract, it's nowhere near as life changing as it is for the difference of placing in this Halo tournament. Once again like I asked the poster above me, how is a team losing 3 maps over 3 series and being eliminated even remotely defendable to you? The best baseball teams on the planet lose 20 to 30 games a year. The best soccer, football, and basketball teams all lose games every year. We have the power to change things for the better with fucking 6-7 minute gametypes. I can't speak on other people, but I defend double elimination brackets because they are the best way to handle tournaments. I don't think of tournaments of the past for a second when I make these statements. Double elimination seeded brackets with seeds based on record and other stats not reflected in record are king. Anything less than that is a step down. Great week of Halo though, not going to lie. Some teams earned their placing, some did not. Great tournament, but I think changes should happen and will happen when it comes to tournament structure.
  4. Random pools with random brackets isn't earning your place. Elevate and Denial played significantly easier teams to place top 4 than EG who had to face both RNG and Allegiance with no chance at redemption. Liquid lost a total of 3 maps at Worlds. But they earned only top 8? It's ok to have a balance between thinking some teams earned their place and some got fucked over.
  5. I will hold off on the settings posts for until after finals and I hope we can all come together similar to when breakout was removed, but all I'm going to say is its crazy that you can prepare for months and months for worlds and lose THREE MAPS total and only make top 8 out of 16 teams. (Liquid)
  6. Bump so this shit storm of a game doesn't fall off the first page and out of public view.
  7. Hopefully Denial sticks together. I've enjoyed watching them play more than anyone. They are a top team and still have room to improve.
  8. I actually like gun hitmarkers, helps me learn hitboxes and stuff like that way easier. Hitmarkers on grenades have always been the problem. Basically cross map radar.
  9. It really does though. Asymmetrical maps with radar play like shit. Slayers need to be symmetrical with radar. Eden blue side win percentage on slayer is highly skewed despite the fact Red is usually higher seed.
  10. Idk if anyone post it yet, but Elamite posted a tweet saying Liquid only lost 3 games in each of the last 2 tournaments and are out.
  11. 1. What does that even mean? Randomness is random. You can't prepare for it. 2. Let's just have 1 game series then. If you want to win, just go and win. If you lose that one game it's your fault right? Why even have more games if that's the case. 3. EG had to play RNG and CLG just to get to where either elevate or epsilon are going to place and they played significantly easier competition. 4. It's not fair to CLG to play EG first as well. I know they dominated them, but CLG played a really good team while worse teams played easier teams.
  12. What a fuckin legend. Been playing Halo 10 years and I wouldn't have thought of that in a tournament setting like that.
  13. Ah, the old "they do something crappy" so it's ok if we do something crappy too! If we have the power to fix things that aren't the best as possible, then we should. Who cares what other games do.
  14. Yeah totally bro, EG had to face Renegades and CLG just to advance to where either epsilon or elevate are going to place playing way easier teams. The amount of randomness in this tourney is insane. To all the people saying EG should win if they don't want to he in that position, why not just play 1 game series. Just win that 1 game if you want to advance. But of course even the people that say that don't believe in that.
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