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  1. While I enjoy dynamic level design I am not a fan of the shield dealio in the center. With multi button controlling it I see a lot of spamming it when people find it. Would like to hear of a way to disable it.
  2. Geez I would have thought Jenga and Fat kid/man would have been the first said. And are you talking about the one where the infected are super fast and jump uber high but are really weak and all the humans go and hide in the cab of the elephant?
  3. This is awesome news, cant wait to see them in action. They are definitely going to be one of the funnier teams to listen in on.
  4. Honestly Its completely plausible, but I would need to see what the numbers will be like with the MCC before I would feel 343 'should' do it. If the games following can be picked back up to its former years there would be no reason 343 could not start their own league, and money wouldn't be the issue as if done right it would only net them (after initial setup costs of course), its a cheaper and personally a more effective way of advertising than what most games throw away for advertising pre orders and initial sales. Riot is doing it and coming off of it big (due to proper advertising, and game following) so long as 343 does everything in their power to put halo back on the map in a good way there should be nothing stopping them from holding their own tournaments aside from just not wanting to.
  5. Standing atop the door frame of the bridge on Rats Nest flagging people to death as they walked through the door so many times as to get an untouchable with just the flag. I don't think I laughed so hard in my entire life.
  6. To be honest I don't think the division of people between Halo's 1, 2, and 3 will make that big a difference. Those would compete for money in Halo would do so in whatever Halo is is being used, but in this case they can still play on the one they most love with a thriving community on it. I love Halo 1 and Halo 3 but if the competitions were on Halo 2 I would still try it and definitely watch it. Also with your worries toward Halo 5, most of the time a circuit like MLG will let the title mature first before making the switch (aside from the recent COD titles but thats because there seems to be a new one every 6 months). So that give MCC 2 years basically before the hopeful switch into Halo 5, which if the game is good almost no one will complain. I think the MCC is exactly what we need for competitive Halo, it will be the thing that shows everyone what real competitive halo is and when and if Halo 5 drops with uber competitive support we will be willing and waiting to jump to it.
  7. And I don't disagree with that at all! Halo has clearly been "dumb'd" down. My beef is the fact that those who are sour feel the need to lash out on those who have a difference of opinion as if they were the ones responsible for the death of a family member. Yeah some people have stronger voices, or deeper pockets than others. Yeah I hate some people, but I have the common decency to not publicly disrespect them because they might have been apart of the source that influenced change. Personally I like to think that the passions I have are respectable... but the more and more I get on these forums with my fellow Halo fans I realize that respect doesn't exist, only nostalgic driven hot heads with a "proving wrong" quota to fill.
  8. You didn't disrespect me. You were a colossal ass hat to RipShaDe 41. I respect that opinion, and I am sorry to hear that you feel my preferences could potentially hurt the competitiveness of Halo as I too love competitive halo. We simply just seem to identify the word "competitive" differently. How about next time you don't jump on the "dising" train and call someone out about not knowing anything about halo and try being a be more civil. I liked the forums when they first started up because people were generally respectful to each other... I understand the heat that the MCC release info has sparked but please don't be one of those guys.
  9. You've been around "pros", highly competitive players, not everyone who plays halo is super competitive, most play for their general enjoyment. I started with CE, and when CE hit the PC and I could play with other players endlessly I played it religiously, FAR more than I did with Halo 2 as I disliked the button glitches and super bounces (they were abused to hell). Out of all the Halo's I have ever played 3 gave me that largest fun factor. You forget that these forums aren't just for the MLG crowd, but for all who enjoy halo, and that they are entitled to their own opinion whether it be different from yours or not. Stop disrespecting people as if they were directing their dislike toward you.
  10. So what happens when someone who did start with Halo CE and still disagrees? He's a ****** right? Must have some sort of downs?
  11. Math bro. I don't even need to argue with that statement. Because 3 was mathematically more successful in nearly every way to Halo 4.
  12. Honestly ever since Halo became a series everyone is butt hurt about everyone else's opinion. You cant go into any forum that is focused on one thing and speak ill of it in any way without someone jumping at the opportunity to make that person feel like crap. Personally if a forum topic is filled with people who love Halo CE the worst thing to do is express your opinion about how CE isn't the best. These forums aren't open minded... their a feeding frenzy. People sign in and say to themselves "Who can I correct today?" , just ignore them and let them have their religious moment.
  13. Trust me its not. Halo 3 is respectable in its own right, perhaps not to the greats but it is still better than 4.
  14. I'm trying to get rid of my airsoft stuff, I've got well over $500 worth of 1 time use gear... sadly airsoft people are penny pinchers. Even when you are tying to sell it for next to nothing they still be like "hows about you give it to me for free and pay shipping?"
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