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  1. Brooklyn 1 Br $3,390 FML Huntsville is having a real tech boom huh? I would not have guessed that at all a few years ago, but very cool.
  2. Lots of negativity here. I was pissed about H5 losing a 2001 feature too, but I'm pumped to know couch co-op is coming back. Woo woo!
  3. Well to each his own, but I thought the story was the only part of 4 they got right. I thought 5's deviation was an absolute tragedy.
  4. I'm with ya man. Just don't feel like being bummed. Grateful to those guys carrying the torch and improving the scene though. Also $3385 Brooklyn 1BR 1 Bath ...fuck I hate the off season ...and nyc
  5. So anyone know what's going on with EG/LG? Stellur and Victory swapping?
  6. Are we even sure that this is happening? If victory and roy were subbing in and out it sounds like there's more moving pieces.
  7. I'm not saying anyone has to stop. I was commenting on the frequency of the negative posts all in the same vein, and @@Ugug explained. People are always free to complain on the internet.
  8. I mean this in the most respectful way possible @@Ugug - do you play anymore? Did you watch the 3-2 NV v CLG? I understand your points and that you don't like these elements. I see a you make a ton of posts about them, and I agree with some of it. It just seems like a lot of effort to keep the torches and pitchforks out at this point. We have the first Pro league (flaws and all) the game itself is fun, and while it will never be like the MLG halo 2/3 days, I'm happy that we're moving in the right direction.
  9. I would also like to know. WTF happened @@Cratos? Would have thought e6 should stomp them. Bad night I guess.
  10. Damn. Was pulling for EG especially after the big run on plaza strongholds. Damn...
  11. Anyone know the final score from E6 v EG last night? Last I saw it was 4-4. Edit: Found it EG lost 5-9

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