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  1. I'd prefer to watch Fries and Legion over the Halo, those two really can fill time well
  2. Remember when we thought Huke would be worse than the Sudds?
  3. Not particularly related to the Pro League, but what are your opinions on H2 Carbon? Just because Gandhi said he is getting back into Halo, and I wasn't around then, so was he actually any good in his prime? My mate said if Carbon had replaced him they could have properly competed with Final Boss for more than 5 tournaments. Also what was the reason for a whole bunch of first and second place finishes to then often coming fourth or lower at the end of H2 and start of H3?
  4. Don't know how to timestamp on mobile but it starts exactly 6 hours into his most recent past broadcast
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't RoyBox always bickering though? They did in H2A a lot as well, it's just their way, and it's not as if they hate each other.If the Brown brothers do retire it will be a very sad day indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if Lunch retired and Eric & Justin teamed up with others (hopefully Jimbo and Snipedrone). They were looking into an EG house after all.
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