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  1. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2017/12/14/343-industries-major-league-gaming-announce-new-partnership-halo-esports/ Mentions how it is an overall partnership to help guide the HCS in 2018.
  2. It's amazing how there are issues no matter who is running the tournament or where it is. It's almost like there is a consistent thread that binds them all together in a web of ineptitude....
  3. Jesus man...we're all depressed enough without you dropping that shit on us.
  4. I wasn't justifying either side, just pointing out they stayed away long before we got to this point.
  5. And do you think people would be saying stuff like this if he would have just talked to us in the first place? Always remember, they chose to stay away before the majority of us started reaching this level of toxicity.
  6. I'm more annoyed that the venue allowed it to be so easy for him to get there lol
  7. I vote that if an ATL meetup happens, we use slightly deflated balloons to signify the meeting place.
  8. I think when your overflow seating offers more seats than your main seating, they've lost the right to call it overflow lol
  9. It's kind of sad that it seems like there are more people on the outside supporting us than on the inside.
  10. You mean this place that is the online home for halo as an esport? Imagine that.
  11. So you say "think for yourself" but really you mean "think like you". K.
  12. I'm starting to learn that as soon as someone starts off an argument with saying "let me tell you a little about myself", I should just go ahead and add them to my block list because it never ends well.
  13. I find it funny that here in HCS land, Periscope is essentially the unofficial sponsor of the featured stations.
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