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  1. I did a search but couldn't find anything, can someone please link me to the warmup gametypes & maps? I would appreciate it
  2. streaming h1 now! my friend is streaming not me twitch.tv/Adventure_lime
  3. I don't know "Cursed Lemon" are you missing something? Sorry guys it was our first night, I'll be sure to host the stream under the Halo section next time I just didn't know how and was in a rush to post that we were playing. We usually play 3v3 most of the time in h1 due to 360 frame lag, but we play all the old gametypes also we have all the MLG rules for H2. On a good day we will play 4-6 hours. I'll bump next time we play!
  4. Hey guys i know the community has been on the low with Halo, however me and all my good friends still LAN H1 and H2 on a regular basis. We know what were doing so its usually pretty fun to watch For those who forgot me Ive been involved with MLG since the start of H2, and I was the guy that raped Instinct at the last Reach event heres my VOD nerds my team raped too, we just didn't practice at all lol PS I personally believe a big reason why the Halo community died was due to the fact Pros were never player friendly, nearly impossible to break into the top 16 unless you paid someone or had a sponsor. If you disagree, well look where we stand now, suck my D Ill always post anytime we play to bump the thread! twitch.tv/Adventure_lime
  5. Lmao, I remember first playing against dersky in the start of H3 Thanks for the good laugh
  6. I don't really care to see halo pros playing cod, let alone watch cod considering the fact desphiring skill from each "pro player" is hard because quite honestly everyone looks the same when they play it.
  7. Why do you guys want the same pros that could careless about the community or people going take your money like always? The games done
  8. I'd like to see H2 remade in HD with XBL support, one can dream
  9. If Halo is going to be played at all for any tournament, it needs to be H4 sadly. What good is 1 Halo 3 tournament? You would see a bigger outcome in an H1 or H2 tournament to say the least lol
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