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  1. If you would like to compete at a high level to get ready for the hcs open circuit I will be running games all day today to build a team for the league matches start Monday roster lock is Sunday gt xwarhawkx316 msg on xbl
  2. Looking for to3 to compete in 4v4 league as practice gt:xwarhawkx316 if interested
  3. There is a 4v4 league currently going on that I'd like to compete in and prepare for esm that was announced I am a f/a mostly support/obj player there is a possibility that it could be a to3 if interested please msg xwarhawkx316
  4. Looking for a scrim tomorrow Friday in the am around 12pm est 9am pst if your a team looking to scrim hit up xwarhawkx316
  5. AXG is a sponsored team looking to send there gow players to Columbus have no ego be loyal be ready to work hard everyday and play message xwarhawkx316 if your interested
  6. Annihilation gaming is currently looking for one player predominately a slayer we have a solid team just have no ego willing to grind must be able to travel time zone doesn't matter just be NA
  7. We're going for the pro league we're going for the hcs season 2 and we just need that final piece of you think your it message xwarhawkx316
  8. Annihilation gaming is currently looking for 1 we are a close to3 message xwarhawkx316 for more details we are entering hcs pro league and hcs season 2 we just need the final piece
  9. Annihilation gaming is looking for one message xwarhawkx316 to run games on almost all day and most nights until 2-3am est
  10. Requirements are simple be on when we're playing we play pretty much every night times vary good attitude don't want rage quitters if interested please message xwarhawkx316 available anytime of day and most nights to run games
  11. Annihilation gaming is currently looking for one message xwarhawkx316
  12. Message me xwarhawkx316 started a team got three need one you sound pretty dedicated I could use you let's talk
  13. Looking for one preferably est and a flexible schedule the other two guys are west coast it would be nice to be able to have a fourth on east coast to be able to run games as needed when the others aren't on if interested message me xwarhawkx316 we are going to compete challenger division and hex season 2
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