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  1. Or gusting a tree cross map to a teammate
  2. The little things are the best part of Sr. And the Telly jukes... Gust Telly out of vent over the wall, quick map glider for the hesitation, if they even see they think you killed yourself, Telly to tunnels. Mmmmmm so toasty
  3. Bro your like my hero, I don't think we ever talked but I was bottom of the barrel of privates in 2011? Shaba took me under his wing kinda fml.. Lol but I always wished I was good enough to play with people like you an majin an the other good players. I miss the game because I always felt like I was improving and becoming a smarter player not just in shadowrun, but in other competitive games as well. I honestly believe halo 5 works and is balenced enough to be a respectable competative game, but it's just not fun or stimulating to me personally. I'd rather play h1 or h3
  4. I live in Southampton near warminster, if anyone in 215 goes on this site add me, maybe we know each other lol
  5. 100%- that was kind of what I was getting at I'm just not good at writing honestly
  6. Nope, still a lot of players on there? I don't actually know how to play ce as you've probably noticed from my stream lol, but I'd love to learn
  7. Awesome man can't wait to run some games
  8. Hi, I do not like any video games. None of the new ones caught my attention and it is so horrible considering all the sacrifices in order to play h3 on a competitive level. I think a lot of us can relate to that. And why the ACTUAL fuck do people not makes friends anymore on xbl? Everyone sits in their party chats, no one game chats, it's so lonely. I have the same 2 friends from 2008, homies from h3; and that's it. I quit after reach dropped to play shadowrun, and it was the greatest game I have ever played. Most competitive most fun. Since that period, I have lost all interest. I did not come on here to bitch though, I believe a lot of you have similar feelings or are dissatisfied. Halo 5 works on a competitive level. (But that's all it does.. It works) anyway fuck me in the ass, will smith walk the dinosaur add me if you would ever like to play halo 1 with me an my friend ant. Gt: Jthedruggernaut (:
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