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  1. Team of 2 looking for two more players. My partner and myself have been teaming for a long time and are looking for 2 more players to run with. We are looking for dedicated players who can put a lot of practice time into getting better. We are planning on scrimming, gbs, online tourneys, and possible LAN's in the future. Rank is not a real concern, but you must be able to learn and progress. After we find players we want to team with we can discuss schedules and practice times. Message iSIZAINT to run games or more info
  2. we are a new team of 3 looking for 1 player that can practice everyday message iSIZAINT on XBL
  3. ill be running games with anyone who adds me for the week to try and set up a team GT: iSIZAINT NOTE: please have skype if possible
  4. We are a new team of 4 that is looking to scrim teams till our eyes bleed. if you would like to set up matches add iisizaint on xbl and let me know
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