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  1. The relevant gaming regions for Latin America literally sits in the same time zone as 80% of the USA. EU is generally tolerable times too. Yes, your point stands that Halo is NA-dominated and they're disconnected from other regions socially, but just come out and say the reason is not timezones (343 have been quite accommodating there) but you guys simply don't care or want a global brand of Halo.
  2. The Australian event was starting at 7pm EST which is local AEST 10am. The final matches of each day were finishing early like 4ish. That's quite fair viewing time for USA events, much better than what Oceania has to stay up late (or wake up early) for to watch NA events. That's actually a bs excuse to not watch actually. Going west, the viewing times get a lot better too.
  3. LATAM is crazy and super loyal for Halo. There was a crazy amount of support for Al3jo (Colombian player in Australia) all weekend at the Sydney event.
  4. Hey guys. Just dropping by to let you know it's that time of year again:
  5. yo there's an ANZ competition going today with no AR/no Radar. https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveHalo/comments/6491z1/oceania_halo_league_4v4_competition_starts_today/ flexrainz, adz_halo and ryscu should be playing and streaming, so check them out if you want to see how no radar might play out.
  6. CS and Dota were competitive mods of already existing games that eventually became more popular than their parent titles decades ago, and still are very popular to this day, both competitively and casually through CSGO and Dota 2. Hopefully 343 can learn to understand this and really understand why a strictly competitive focus/high skill ceiling benefits everyone down the ladder. The latest change is a start, but a revision of mechanical things like grenade hit markers, precision weapon tweaking, spartan charge mechanics, etc is sorely needed.
  7. If 343 didn't know about this, then what did the latest aiming patch we had last year actually 'fix'? This amazing thread that the OP did are some of the reasons why this should be the case. I wouldn't be mad if 343 said they don't know how to fix something as long as they acknowledged the problem and properly explained the technical hurdle they are having to overcome to fix it. Making/fixing a Triple-A game isn't exactly easy by any means, but I'd imagine rebuilding the trust between dev and community is just the same.
  8. vtage ok/killtac choke: https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveHedonisticPepperoniPoooound
  9. iM 7 - 6 Spl scrim results. stats: http://halocarnage.com/compare/im%20benno%20intel/4878
  10. Would rather wake up, turn on the HWC stream and get ear-blasted by some nut talking in a freiza voice while casting iM vs nV.
  11. That latam team couldn't compete last year due to age and got their big break this time around, but one of their players can't go due to visa issues. Absolutely devastating and I really feel for them. That ANZ team all have full-time jobs to fit around playing competitive Halo. They also have Benno and Voltage who have proven to be world-class players over many years. I can understand you want your country to do well, but have respect for the fact that these regions are disadvantaged compared to NA. Global competition and acceptance shouldn't be discouraged for a game what is essentially a corpse animated with voodoo magic.
  12. Pretty sure Asia has died. I can count the top Asian players who still play on one hand. ANZ is in a state of meltdown. Everyone giving up outside of top 3/4, which sucks. Personally I think one spot is fine, given the current state of Halo but unfortunately there is literally nothing else to play for here. Hopefully 343/M$ actually help in someway with ESL Australia to stimulate the game here down under. Local grassroot events were a major staple for our region, but we haven't done those in a while I just wish there were more people from NA who cared about other regions instead of giving us the middle finger and cold shoulder. Big shoutout to Moses FPS and everyone else who has helped to promote our region though. Representation here means a lot.
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