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  1. TheJonSta


    To try, or to not try?
  2. X KappinKhazi X Add for tryout. I'm 23 and have been on the grind
  3. Why are there no team, ffa, singles ladders on the "Ladders" link? Would be a great way for teams to get better, like 'match finder'....etc
  4. 2K onyx - champions don't bother, I don't want you on my team. Looking for someone that's willing to learn how WE play. Please make all questionable decisions/plays on your own time. We play as a team and nothing but, we criticize eachother everyday. Arguing with a teammate is good, it builds chemistry, and trust. Just come to practice with a clear mind and ready to learn something new evertime. Tryouts will be June 8th-9th at 6PM CST. Look for updates on this post so you know if the spot is filled. Thanks, good luck.
  5. Our 4th guy had something come up and will be unavailable for the online qualifier, so we'll need to fill that spot. We practice Mondays,Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If you would like to play some to see how our minds clash, let's do it. We're not looking for the best, but a player with callouts and timing down already would be great. If you're struggling with callouts, and powerup timing, sorry but we can't take you this season. Will keep returning to the HCS and will be looking to scrim other newer skilled teams.
  6. We have 4 now. Thank you to those that tried out. If any of you form a team and would like to scrim for practice, let me know.
  7. Practice schedule is Mon-Wed-Fri 5:30pm - late (CST). This post is for dedicated players looking to compete in the Pro League. We're already going to be behind other formed teams. If youre still learning new thing in the game, im sorry that wont work. A competitive background in FPS's, is a great bonus. This is the most fast paced Halo, and i notice some minds out there are still stuck in H3 or reach. GT - X KappinKhazi X
  8. My team is looking for a 4th. Only requirements is knowing callouts-weapon timing, and having a positive attitude. Practice is mon-wed-Fri (5:30p-late) Let's see how the chemistry works with us, and we'll decide from there.
  9. Wichita KS, but willing to drive to Oklahoma for events,lans, and practices X KappinKhazi X
  10. Any KS players looking for a local team to join. Hit me up online - X KappinKhazi X
  11. X KappinKhazi X Hit me up for 4v4s, best of #(your call)
  12. Availability needs to be Mon-Wed-Fri / 5:30pm - late (Central Time). We can do online ladder matches/tourneys, but mostly 13 game scrims against other teams. Let's get prepared for maybe more online qualifiers, or events. Know call outs, weapon/powerup timing, and having a positive attitude is the cherry on top.
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