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  1. Thanks for your answer. New to esports and haven't followed too much Halo 5, so I was generally asking why this tournament is the way it is. When I heard "worlds" I thought the best teams in the world, not the whole world is included. I thought the other parts of the world were included to begin with and had to qualify, and worlds was the final tournament with the best teams, no matter the region. Was this a bad question to ask? The neg 18 bomb for a question I was generally curious about kind of makes me not even want to ask questions at all anymore. Is it always like this here?
  2. Everyone qualify for worlds at one place so worse teams aren't getting better placing/money just because they live in easier parts of the world.
  3. Obviously that's not true for LoL. America isn't the best at LoL. Surely I hope the LoL championship doesnt include worse American teams at the expense of other better teams just for the sake of including America.
  4. It's not an American thing at all. I thought Worlds would be the best teams in the world, not some of the best teams in the world. I couldnt care less where teams are from.
  5. Why are teams like Exile 5 or Fabe at Worlds when there is possibly 5-10 or even 20 better American teams?
  6. RNG has 99 points and 1 stronghold and capping catwalk and Commonly backs off like RNG won't win if they cap that...not impressed with some of these players in do or die moments.
  7. Really sad to be honest. How can they honestly say they want Halo 5 to last when its 5 months after launch and they still havent done basic things like adding forged maps. Its 2016 on the Xbox One...I thought we'd have server browsers by now at minimum along with other features. But here we are waiting for standard things.
  8. Honest feedback: enough with the sniper montages of high kill streaks on people not looking. The sniper is not montage worthy in Halo 5 99% of the time. That's my opinion and I'm already super tired of sniper Killstreaks. They will honestly never be special or something I look forward to seeing in Halo 5 montages. Great music, great editing, and good montage though. I enjoy your non sniping parts way more.
  9. Someone is streaming warzone spawn blocking. Haven't played a second of warzone. Is it really that bad? They blocked spawns in under 2 minutes from the start of a game. Twitch.tv/rHaloFarmer
  10. What brightness does everyone play at? I had to put my brightness to 2 the other night on Torque because every object seems to glow and glare. But it seems a tad bit too dark on other maps. Are bright lights shining every where messing up your view supposed to be some immersion factor? How long until we can hold two of the same guns and have to shit and eat in game.
  11. I linked you basically an essay that I wrote and you never replied to it. For some reason you aren't understanding this problem as it pertains to a Halo game. -if a weapon beats your utility weapon, it either needs to be harder to use if it spawns frequently, or it needs to spawn as a power weapon every 2 minutes if it's easy to use such as rockets. The weapons in Halo do neither of those two things. -Every weapon does not have a niche situation. All the other rifles are easier to use than the pistol, kill just as fast as the pistol, have further red reticle range, and more kill capacity per magazine. The only weapons that have niche situational use are the SMG and Storm Rifle. They can only be used in close combat. However, they spawn so frequently that they are giving huge advantages without players earning them. Rockets are easier to use than your utility weapon and kill faster. They spawn every 2 or 3 minutes in the middle of the map and are actually earned. You need to fight for advantages in Halo, not walk 20 feet off spawn and pick up a damn weapon that spawns every 20 seconds. -Yes, people want a utility weapon for all situations. That's what a utility weapon is. The jaggaurent that is (was?) Halo was built on this formula. We don't want the utility weapon to win at all ranges. If a weapon beats the utility weapon, see my above points. It's a very simply formula and I think you aren't relating balance to HALO. You're just looking at it like a video game and don't realize this balance is breaking huge fundamental parts of the Halo formula. When it pertains to Halo 1, the weapons do spawn frequently but those are actually niche weapons. Plasma rifle freezes people, AR is a quick camo tool, sniper is actually hard to use to counteract the fact that it spawns so frequently, etc. You pretty much defeated the purpose of your own post when you brought up "niche weapons" lol. The other rifles beat the pistol at all ranges. That's not niche and even you know that.
  12. Not trying to nitpick, but does it sound weird when people say "people are playing for X amount of money" when X is everything combined, not what they have a chance to win? When I first saw people saying "halo players are playing for 2.5 mil", I thought that was the grand final prize. Shouldn't it be pro players are playing for 800k, the largest possible prize? New to esports.
  13. Hopefully this is as good as the stat guy fights in the HWC thread. I love those.
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