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  1. PGL seed situation: So Bucko came to us about just giving us the #1 seed about an hour before the deadline at midnight. Our first thought was "wtf really? hmm... I guess... if he is serious than thanks." So after talking to him it seemed his team was not going to play in it and he just wanted to help us out so we accepted. I can vouch for my entire team when I say we accepted the invitation from him quickly and without thinking much about it. Very quickly after, I realized how scumbag of a move it was to just simply take a higher seed over the other teams that played more and earned their spot. I realized the obvious mistake we made but I promise our intentions weren't too fuck the other teams over. Like I said we didn't give too much thought into it. It just seemed like a nice gesture by him at the time. Even if PGL was going to allow it we weren't going to play in it because we realized it wasn't right, I promise you. Sorry to anyone upset about it, I would've been as well. Once again, I promise our intentions were not to fuck other teams over we simply just didn't give it much thought and just thought we were accepting a nice gesture. Our team is not that type of people and I think everyone that knows us can vouch for that. Sorry for the mistake! <3
  2. Our team will have an announcement soon. Hopefully within the next week.
  3. I have something in mind. If it doesn't happen I probably won't attend.
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