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  1. Very simple, Brian reached out to @@mediabrute and openly admitted to being the one who donated. Brute posted the screenshot on twitter if anyone can find it. Also the donations came from a @@SouleSports.gg email.
  2. I also had 0 knowledge of the whole Randa situation till yesterday, to even do that to our sponsor Main Team Elevate where Mr.SixTen used to "coach" is just ridiculous.
  3. I started when soul officially launched and had swish and blakerz... Lol I've been apart of a soul for a month and a half and have the proof of it. ITG will be releasing article explaining EVERYTHING. Brian is a pathological liar, and as everyone can read here he is a child. Who knows what he says anymore is even close to being true. I had access to the Soul Twitter once and it was for Burbank. I deleted it, and to access it I would need a access code which would be sent to Brian. He lashes out of anger and dosent think about it, I have proof of him doing it to me multiple times through skype lol. A lot of red flags and the article will explain a little more. Hope the Halo guys and Mediabrute get paid they really deserve it. If Brian had all this money people like @@mediabrute would be paid already.
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  5. To whom it may concern, My name is Thermals I am the creator and founder of Heritage Gaming I have 2 Staff members one CFO and one CCO and 1 halo player as captain i am looking for a set team or 3 more players for our divisional squads. I am also looking for a talented Rainbow Six Team , and Call Of Duty Team if you have LAN Xp or feel like you have what it takes to rise to the top please email us or Direct messege thru Twitter @HeritageHQ or Email us @ [email protected] . Twitter: @HeritageHQ Best Regards, CEO of Heritage Gaming
  6. veLocity Gaming originated back in 2005 in the Call of Duty 2 circuit, it has made its rounds through the years in different titles, I am ready to make a big step into the Halo competitive scene. I have the background, gun skill, and knowledge to be successful. Just need the right Players/Team to run with and grow with. If your serious about getting better and learning to become champions please respond by posting here or adding me. Hope to hear from some of you! Gt: Thr330h5 __________________
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