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  1. Hmm people already took all the good ones Savery_ _Savery 2Savery4u SaVeRy sAvErY
  2. Folks need heroes, Lemon. To give 'em hope.
  3. So I'm pretty sure Kevin Franklin was the guy who was responsible for the whole "let's spend 50% of our production assets on breakout, guys!" thing, but what else did he do?
  4. I personally wouldn't mind a classic settings matchmaking playlist, even if it was only for one week. EDIT: Or that Tour de Walshy thing. I forget who suggested it, but they're a genius.
  5. Welp, I don't quite know how I stumbled across the Halo 5 Discussion Thread all those months ago, but it quickly became my main source for news on the then-upcoming game Halo 5: Guardians. As time progressed, I watched the devs and their sometimes salty collisions with the thread, the reasonable debating, the dank memes, and I just knew that someday I would have to join the community. Fast forward to today. I've finally made an account. This community seems very alive, with the Achilles grind, the Warzone fam, the tourneys, and countless other things that make this place appealing enough to make an account on. As far as video games go, I screw around on Steam as well as Eldewrito, and pretty much only boot up my Xbox One nowadays if someone I know is getting on Halo 5, MCC, or BC Reach (as poorly as it plays). Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my poorly written bio, and I hope to encounter you somewhere else on the forums (when I have a proper profile picture and sig)!
  6. The dank gifs up in here obviously /s But seriously, I tried to use the space bar to indent stuff but apparently the space bar is just another name for the letters D, A, N, and K... or something
  7. So after lurking on this thread (and exclusively this thread) since about page 1500 on mobile, I created an account to start posting on Beyond. Ever since before Halo 5 launched, this thread was my main source of halo news, dank memes, salty dev interactions, and everything in between. That being said, you guys actually had an impact on my Halo mindset. After reading some of your insights, I'd hop on the Xbox and test them against my own experience. Thanks to you, one more person in this world dislikes sprint. (It may not be much, but it's at least something.) Also, having never seen the neg or plus rep buttons before and then having them show up made me super paranoid that my first action on Beyond would be to accidentally neg someone D:
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