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  1. So here it is I go by the gt N0XCIDE Ive been playing competitive halo since late H3 Played abit of reach skipped h4 and mcc. Now halo 5 is here and Im 100% dedicated to getting better and trying to go pro. But I need some insight on how to reach my dream. Im well above your average player. But by no means am I the best or the worse. My highest rank reached was a 1560 onyx and I grinded that solo for the most part. The problem is i feel like im hitting a peak like im not getting any better than that. And idk what it is im doing wrong. Im so dedicated to this goal like I legit play 11 hours a day every day of the week. I watch tons of pros streams and have learned a few things here and there. I will admit i dont watch my replays as much as i should just cause im so anxious to play and reach my goal plus i dont know exactly what to look for in the replay like i know the basic stuff. I just feel stuck. Ive been trying to start a team but its been such a roller coaster finding players that are around the same skill and have the time and dedication so im forsed to run with randoms and even when im running with 4 friends its not like we are a team cause they are just casuals. Its not like having a actually team that goes through strats and flim and have a chemistry. I just need some help i guess im just really flustered and all over the place and getting really down on myself and thinking ill never make it. Even going as far as looking into addy which is something i dont want to do but i need something or some peice of knowledge. FYI I have watched literally every video on youtube and always keep up to date on tips. But if theres any higher lvl players out there that have some knowledge and tips send them my way. If theres ppl better then me running 4v4 customs invite me. I will get -Yoink- on just for the learning expérience. I believe you have to get rekt to do the reking. Gt: N0XCIDE (with a zero)
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