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  1. Why do Libertarian-Conservatives suck up to massive companies (especially big tech companies) when those corporations are constantly trying to crush conservatives and conservative principles?
  2. At what level of income does everyone magically turn into pedophiles?
  3. Ebstien is actually alive somewhere and RBG is actually dead. Change my mind.
  4. Don't worry, it was "Suicide".
  6. Bernie bros are beyond cringe-y .
  7. Bernie is smart like a fox and shouldn’t be allowed into the chicken coop.
  8. Except in the rare instances where you disagree with me, in which cases, I am always right.
  9. Un-ironically: Firing Squad is likely the most humane execution method.
  10. This is very good. We should make examples of these people. They should be executed within a year, not thirty years late (or never).
  11. Joe Biden just said Houston and Michigan. So this is a beyond stupid conversation.
  12. These suburban mass shootings seem more sensiless, while gang violence seems more ‘deserved’ I guess, idk. Also general murder rates are down while these shootings are happening more it seems. There are probably lots of political reasons too Both are pretty horrible
  13. Its an unrelated point. It’s pretty jarring to see political polarization in terrorist.
  14. Is 3 people considered a “side of the aisle”?
  15. Looks like there were two extremists last night. Very bad
  16. No serious person denies it happened
  17. It seems to me that gun control would be treating the symptoms within treating the illness, and would be stripping innocent people of their rights. Without skipping a beat we would be talking about banning knives like the UK. Something is deeply broken in our contemporary times, however.
  18. Putting away all the pumper sticker slogans: America has had guns since its founding, why are there so many mass shootings RECENTLY, especially since the overall murder rate and gun violence rates are down. Why are mass killings and terror attacks on the rise and apparently disconnected from other crime rates? What has changed
  19. He should be executed swiftly. Hopefully he will be since it’s Texas.

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