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  1. I just can’t take any climate policy that is actively against nuclear power. All energy sources should be on the table, including nuclear. Carbon capture probably isn’t a bad idea either. The worst thing you could do in the short term would be ban fracking of natural gas and nuclear.
  2. People’s retirements are in the stock market. How about we don’t tank it.
  3. The world is not split between Neocons and Socialist
  4. Hot take: Sanders is most likely to beat Trump and Democrats shouldn’t be afraid of giving him the nomination. No one would be excited for a Joe Biden run, like a Sanders run. Unfortunately Granted, I’m a pessimist so I basically see the country as too far gone already.
  5. I think Bernie would be an awful president and is also the most likely to beat Trump, so I don’t want him to get the nomination. That being said, the smears from the Warren team are so pathetic and sad - she is a professional liar - Bernie for all his faults is not (at least not more than the average politician).
  6. If only Trump could be as peaceful as Obama - sending money to Iran and invading Libya for no reason.
  7. For all the Blue Checkmarks on Twitter calling Trump a warmonger you would think he would actually start wars. But instead he’s the only president in recent history who hasn’t invaded anywhere.
  8. Looks like WW3 is off again. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you
  9. It’s pretty wild when your evidence is ‘so damning’ that it..... Only convinces 4 of your own party members to vote against Impeachment. lmao what a sham
  10. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for the fact that Hillary Clinton isn’t President and never will be.
  11. I literally didn’t know Harvard and Yale had football teams
  12. The left is actively praising child drag shows in mainstream publications. Nobody on the Right actively praises child molesting priests.
  13. The embrace of what is borderline pedophilia, by the left and increasingly by the mainstream America, is disgusting and should be stopped.
  14. Thinking that children should not cross dress in a overtly sexual way (often encouraged by their deranged parents), especially in front of perverted, grown men = The Christian Taliban? Heck yeah
  15. Ah yes those “Anti LGBT” organizations. Like.... An after school Bible study for athletes and the Salvation Army. They clearly HATED gay people. However, boycotts are pretty dumb in situations like this.
  16. Besides LGBT protection, all of those are economically left but not socially left, AKA, popular in the south. As single issues go, an attempt to stop the crushing of babies in the womb with forceps, is a reasonable one.
  17. Pro-Life, socially conservative, Democrat, Governors can win in Southern States. I’m not worried because National Democrats would never nominate someone like that for a presidential race. If they did they would win 40+ states.
  18. The epic part is even though the GOP lost the Governor’s seat in Kentucky it is literally more powerful in the state now. AG and Secretary of State flipped to R. And the legislative branch in Kentucky can override vetos with a simple majority. Lmao
  19. It’s all constrained vs unconstrained tbh
  20. Did you look up a tutorial on how to cram that many straw-men and cliches into a single post?
  21. Kanye West is dropping Christian Albums Donald J Trump is a Republican president of the United States. Humans couldn’t write a more hilarious timeline than this if we tried.

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