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  1. I may be crazy but here is my predictions: Either a standalone open event in like August or September probably in California or something, or one more pro league season. Then Halo 6 in November. They'll announce it at E3 and have a beta this summer. Sort of like how MCC was released the year it was announced. And although they promised a beta they didn't say it would be early in development. I could be an idiot but I hope I'm right and could honestly see it happening. A E3 announcement+beta announcement, would kill people with hype, instead of the marketing build up, you would see tears in the audience.
  2. I love Halo. This weekend was great, too bad I worked most of it.
  3. Lol we can trash talk Halo all day, but outsiders don't get to!
  4. Holy what? I guess OG are the villains now? This is interesting. Halo really is the most depressing game to love
  5. So how's it been so far?Working and missing almost all of it.
  6. It's so annoying. We love Halo more than anyone. Many people on here have followed Halo for 7 years without a game they kind of enjoyed. 10 for most. Thats insane dedication.
  7. A couple things. What do we want MLG to do to the settings? These are the best settings we have had in H5. If you want abilities turned off you underestimate how much every weapon was designed around thrust and large maps due to sprint. I think the settings have been pretty good for awhile we just need high-quality events and good marketing. MLG being back is very good news and I'm trying to go to Orlando and I'm excited to watch Columbus and Seatle from home. The neighbor thing depresses me a lot actually. I hope that hashtag didn't have all the meaning we assigned to it. Still, H6 could be more classic than H5 or H4. Also, to be honest, I wouldn't despise a Halo 6 that is just a well-implemented H5. More and better maps, better servers, better weapon design etc. Also, how would you guys about Halo having a 1 year cycle like CoD, traded between 3 developers so we could keep the same 3 dev cycle? Would this help keep the community? The games could be more different from each other and react to trends faster (I want Halo to set trends again though). Or it could make the games become even more soulless than they already are due to 343s mistakes.
  8. PLUS the hope that H6 is good and could come in the next year.
  9. Dang, I hope a 94 team bracket is big enough, there is so much hype on my timeline right now.
  10. Well I just made a Game Battles Account. I can't wait to be an MLG pro
  11. He says the H5 population is better than 150k a month and is "In great shape". Also, shows the ranking of playlist population.
  12. If MLG is the TO I will...... Do some dare. I don't have many ideas.
  13. Wake me up when I know where I have to travel to, to compete.
  14. If h5 really has this low of population numbers, Josh Menke is actually a match making wizard for search times being even half decent
  15. 343 are dumb. Thats all the energy I have at this point in the morning.
  16. This response to my tweet doesn't make me feel very comfortable that H6 will be classic. I know I'm over analyzing every sentence anyone at 343 writes, but I'm grasping at straws for hope here.
  17. Empire and Rig are the best Stronghold maps. Lets get rid of Rig Slayer and Empire Strongholds and replace them will ball please.
  18. Hey he said developer maps were out of the question because the team was working on a new game . Aren't maps near the end of the development cycle?
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