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  1. That was a lot of vitriol towards religion in response to my post that mentions religion a whopping 0 times. Beyond that, some how, every one of your 'points' are indeed wrong, but alas.
  2. The state not promoting gay propaganda to children with public funds is a good thing. A very good thing. All states should follow Alabamas lead on this. In fact, Alabama is on a roll the last couple of weeks.
  3. John Bolton doesn't want war either. Trump has been largely isolationist in his foreign policy. Can you chill out?
  4. A war with Iran would last 2 weeks at most. The only problem is we either have to stay for 20 years and 'nation build' which is impossible because the middle east is garbage, or we leave and there is a power vacuum where terrorist groups will be harbored.
  5. I legitimately cannot think of a person who I find more deeply obnoxious than Tomi Lahren.
  6. Fetuses are by definition living humans smh. They also don't care MORE about them.
  7. Congratulations on keeping the socialist Labour party out of power @Niku ! God bless Australia!
  8. It isn't too expensive. How many cars to people really need? Do we need a new iPhone every year? It isn't too expensive, people have become too materialistic. Children are more important than getting a bigger house. We aren't overpopulated. America and Europe are going to have population DECLINES, if it wasn't for immigration, because we don't reproduce. Of course, humans are not dying out, but our culture will if it is not passed on to another generation. It can't be passed on to a generation that doesn't exist.
  9. Reminder: our country is literally dying out. We need a 2.1 birth rate to just sustain the population. Also, if you are against mass immigration than you should support a higher birth rate.
  10. It would be awful in so many ways. Some things are unavoidable though. Hopefully, Trump can steer clear of that pit. The middle east is garbage, and there doesn't seem to be a way for America to just fix it.
  11. Could you honestly look into the eyes of someone who was conceived in rape, and say that they don't have the right to exist? It's horrible, tragic, and disgusting, but life has value. Also, often times rapist (especially when involving incest) are the ones pressuring the girls to get abortions so that they can keep it secret, or protect their reputations. Beyond all that, rapists should be consistently and quickly executed.
  12. Also, sorry to say, but I am beginning to agree with Niku in believing that we will indeed be at war with Iran by 2022. Not looking good.
  13. Abortion is baked into the pie with parties. No policies that AL puts into place will hurt the GOP, and no policies that NY does, will hurt the Dems. L O L
  14. Imagine if that was true though.
  15. Dang, I had never known that before. Care to explain why not?

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