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  1. Harris and Warren are trying really hard to be as likable as Hillary. My boy Robert Francis O'Rourke is really going to get the nomination huh?
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-47205017/virginia-governor-ralph-northam-calls-slaves-indentured-servants Just a Democrat in Virginia being a Democrat in Virginia. Somethings never change I guess
  3. ThAT waSn'T reAL cOmmUniSm and AMEriCa ONly FiGhts fOR DINoSOUR JUICE You are nailing the memes tonight my guy
  4. Actually only Libtards eat babies, everyone knows that. get owned epic style
  5. I miss when you pretended to be an intellectual of sorts, now you're just a left-wing conspiracy theorist. You're Alex Jones with billionaires instead of gay frogs. Get off Reddit for a day, drink some tea, go outside and try not to get eaten by an Emu. You'll feel better.
  6. Fun drinking game: Everytime Niku speaks about the elusive billionaire, corporate masters, blames something on America, or changes his own definitions of terms, take a shot. I hope you like alcohol poisoning. Bonus shot if he compares totally normal things with genocide while disparaging the experiences of those who have actually survived genocide under communist regimes. Speaking of which, the drinking age in America should be taken down to 18.
  7. I was mocking the quality of their exchange because it degraded to "I'm richer than you" "nuh huh". And you missed an opportunity to call me a grammar NAZI smh.
  8. He literally changes his terms any time he is called on anything, so in his fantasy world, he can never be wrong. Lol 'more richer'. Also how dare you exploit workers in your current capitalist society. You are a class traitor. SHAME ON YOU
  9. Niku is completely right. No one would be dying in Venezuela without the American fascist death squads. It is a utopia and has zero governmental issues that are not caused by the EVIL American boogyman - I mean billionaire.
  10. Of course. My problem is I don't see many situations (if any) where giving the baby a lethal injection on its due date when it is fully viable, and then delivering its dead body, is going to save the woman over just delivering the baby. Off topic: It looks like Trump is caving on the shutdown (at least for 3 weeks or something). As someone who was actually affected financially, I'm happy. As someone who believes in a Wall and is tired of Republicans always caving, I am not.
  11. I might be wrong but I would assume they still have to deliver the baby at that point it's not like the 7 pounds of human just disappear. I'm ok with abortion when the mother's life really is in danger. I'm not sure that is entirely true. Family pressure to abort it could come at any time. I think we often overstate how much the woman really is in charge of the decision.

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