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  1. It is a shame that Christopher Columbus interrupted the Utopian societies of the pre-European Americas. They were so peaceful and just.
  2. The UK should have never given up Hong Kong.
  3. “A random assortments of tribes were conquered 300 years ago so Communism should be epic now” is a HOT TAKE
  4. Turkey shouldn’t be in NATO. China is awful in every way.
  5. “ThEy’RE A pRiVate ComPAny, THEY caN Do WhAt TheY waNT”
  6. I agree with you. Conservatives should be begrudging capitalist. Corporations are definitely willing to crush tradition, liberty, and sovereignty to make a profit.
  7. Whats with the NBA and all these other companies sucking up to China? They’re the bad guys. Also, screw Turkey
  8. Ok Ben Shapiro, chill out Yo you should support Tulsi Gabbard. She’s pretty cool
  9. Thank you "Secular Talk", very cool!
  10. Very true. Maybe thats why he’s upset though. How?
  11. There are lots of reasons modern nations should exist. One is that they provide a framework in which community can form and they provides a sense of belonging to people in a way that transends other factors like race, religion, family (clan), etc. While binding them together through shared geography, shared language, and shared history. People are not simply individuals and naturally form societies, nations are the best way for them to form. We often forget, modern nations were invented. They stand athwart the other ways of human organization like kingdoms, empires and tribes, often based solely on religion or ethnic ties.
  12. Conservativism is an intuition and philosophy not an ideology.
  13. Nations should exist and can’t if they can’t decide who can come in.
  14. Something tells me you’re not a conservative
  15. Anti-Trump conservatives be like: “Open Borders, Abortion until birth, 60% income tax, government take-over of healthcare, anti-christian courts, economy killing regulations, abolishment of the Electoral College, and general anti-American rhetoric > Immature Tweets”

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