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  1. The Electoral College does two other positive things for our elections btw. #1: It makes it harder to cheat. Instead of for example someone finding a mysterious extra 5,000 votes in Alaska and winning the election, they would have to predict the state(s) that was going to be close and have the right number of electoral votes to actually swing the election. It makes it harder for illegals voting, fraud, or simple machine malfunctions to truly affect the election. #2. If the public truly picks the wrong president. As in Hitler and Mao had a baby and that baby got elected by 50.000001 of the American population (or at least of the American population that actually took the time to vote), the electors could in theory simply refuse to appoint him as president. Saving the people from themselves and those who did not vote from those who did, there would be no such ability in a direct election.
  2. Why would I be upset over Gorsuch? I have addressed this many times so I don't want to go on a rant here, but sufficient to say, this is an incredibly narrow and dishonest view. And for the last time, the state with the highest level of poverty when adjusted for cost of living is California. If there is any state that is rich enough to make sure no one is living in poverty, it should be Cali. They should have the right to do stupid stuff. Wyoming can't force Massachutes to have it's 'Constitutional carry' laws, and Oregon shouldn't force Tennesse to have loose abortion and weed laws etc. This allows each state to create the society that the people in the state want. People being forced to accept things that they do not want, because of someone totally different than them, a thousand miles away, is a recipe for civil war. States should be microcosms that allow for different cultures and governments. The average piece of corn in Nebraska and the average Democrat voter in Hawaii have the same IQ Ironically this is a pretty good defense of the Electoral College. Poor rural people have less power in media, academia, business, etc. The electoral college doesn't allow politicians to completely ignore them aswell. Donald Trump represents the average Republican voter? Weird, until recently, he was a life long New York Democrat. I guess I didn't realize he was the gun owning, small town, evangelical, from a fly-over-state that votes Republican. At least we can agree that this kind of censorship is stupid.
  3. In the last week, prominent Democrat 2020 contenders have been openly supporting, stacking the supreme court and getting rid of the electoral college, and other Democrats have even been attacking the Senate. The outright attack on historical and political institutions would cause absolute hysteria if it was Republicans doing the attacking. It's also so fake, they're not really against the Supreme Court, Electoral College, or Senate, they are just mad that they lost them. Horrifying and disgusting behavior.
  4. New Zealand has lots of guns and almost no murder. One mass shooting does not change that. Any gun control there is an over reaction
  5. Oh how I wish this was true.
  6. You know we're screwed when believing that Governments should only be beholden to the wishes of its citizens and not just any random that is passing by and happens to be in the country, is a partisan issue.
  7. You realize this logic can be used for anything yes? "These non-citizens drive on Highways build with federal money, a government they're not allowed to elect" "These non-citizens are protected by the military but can't elect the commander and chief" By 2024 liberal states are 100% going to be allowing illegals to vote in congressional and statewide races. Governments should be elected by the citizens they serve.
  8. Take a shot every time he says 'Orwellian'.
  9. And to people like Brad who suggest the solution is to drastically reduce birth rates (even though we and the rest of the western world are well below replacement) - That is even worse than the stupid socialist solutions of the left, because it would kill our culture AND our economies, instead of just our economies.
  10. Or perhaps he is pointing out that maybe, America in particular, should take the alarmism of some climate activist with a grain of salt, as so far, the most extreme claims have all been wrong, and no reasonable solution has been proposed that doesn't send us back into the 1800s, while China and the developing world continue sending out emissions. Not everyone who doesn't go along with every step of every crazy proposal that people like AOC suggest, are climate change deniers.
  11. Niku/Brad and having an IQ under 63.
  12. Not to mention the increase in antisemitic attacks in places like NY. Not from right wing people.....
  13. Harris and Warren are trying really hard to be as likable as Hillary. My boy Robert Francis O'Rourke is really going to get the nomination huh?

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