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  1. They just want the same standard applied.
  2. Team "Flatten the Curve" became Team "Live in VR pod for 12-18 months/'new normal'" really freaking fast!
  3. In the name of public health, I propose that we delay the 2020 presidential elections until 2022. It’s for the good of everyone!
  4. You want people to be paid more but also want there to be a supply surplus of labor?
  5. "Immigration is good because I can get poor brown people to pick my lettuce, and all Americans are lazy"
  6. From what I've seen, every antibody test has suggested that the official case number is off by at least10x-20x. Meaning that the death rate really is near the flu, but WAY more contagious, meaning that the overall death numbers will be higher. So it is basically good news. Unfortunately, it also means that 'contract tracing' is IMPOSSIBLE.
  7. Over 20 million Americans are unemployed. Why should they compete for jobs with foreigners?
  8. My god. There goes the economies of every central US state.
  9. Government debt doesn’t matter as long as inflation is steady and controlled, and GDP is increasing. Both of those criteria fall apart if lockdowns continue for long.
  10. Where does the government get tax money to redistribute if GDP is reduced by half?
  11. A reminder that economic depressions kill people.
  12. It's all Trump's fault narrative would be more convincing if the rest of the western world didn't also collapse. Last time I checked, Italy and Spain were not governed by Donald J Trump.
  13. People act like the economy and 'people' are completely different things. Of course, human life is more important than 'muh gdp' but if you set the entire planet back 40 years, you will DESTROY millions of lives. Every week of shut down is going to make the situation exponentially worse. And no body seems to care, and dismisses that concern with "IF wE jUsT sAvE onE lIFe", or "whY dO yoU waNt to Kill GRAndma, for billiOnaires??" Dangerous and tiresome.
  14. Considering every single modal has been wrong so far, surely there is a middle ground between "shelter in place" total lock-downs, that are currently sending MILLIONS into unemployment and poverty, and NO mitigation. Why does everyone act like it's a binary? In Florida, only 1% of hospitalizations are people under 25, with a total of 0 deaths. But for some reason they are locked up in the house, away from the sun and exercise, racking up credit card debt, just like their 80 something grandma. MADNESS

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