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  1. Hey guys, my buddy and I are possibly going to ATL and we are looking for 2 more to team with. If we are good enough we will go to Atlanta. Please be at least Onyx level. Thanks, Phishy
  2. Hi everyone, Thermal eSports is looking for one more player to participate in future events in the Greater Toronto Area. One of them being later this month February 26th at Square One (Microsoft Store). Please respond down below with your GT or message Meester Phishy on Xbox. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, Thermal eSports is a growing organisation that is looking for 3 more players for our HCS Team, We are a dedicated competitive org, looking for skilled players willing to put in the time and dedication to compete and grow as a team. To be part of Thermal eSports you need to have a positive attitude with a competitive edge. Timezones of East and Central are preferred for practice reasons. What we are looking for: - Skilled players with competitive experience. - Players that are knowledgeable about Halo 5. If you want to tryout and run games please leave your gamertag down below with your availability times in EST. If you have any questions please message Meester Phishy on Xbox. Thank you, Good luck and best regards, - Phishy
  4. Hello everyone. Thermal eSports is currently recruiting for our Halo team and we need 2 players. What we are looking for: - Positive Attitude - Good Sportsmanship - Highly Skilled Players - Experienced players Player roles we are looking for: - Objective motivated - Slayers To receive a tryout please do the following, contact Meester Phishy on Xbox expaining your tournament and competitive experience, role, and availability along with timezone. Thank you, Best Regards and Good luck, Thermal eSports Management
  5. I'm looking for a team to play on! GT: Meester Phishy I'm on everyday all day.
  6. I'm down, I'm looking for partner Swick. Message me on xbox GT :Meester Phishy
  7. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a teammate to play in the 2v2 tournament with coming up on December 20th 2016. Please be able to hold your own. Message me on xbox GT: Meester Phishy if interested.
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