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  1. Walshy was not updated at all at worlds with the current Meta. Puckett also was not aware of Halo 5 just because it was so new to MLG :/
  2. I am not saying that the casters we currently have are not good, but they are definitely not the best we could have and for multiple reasons. The only person who is an ACTUAL caster is Goldenboy who is a caster for multiple games, but even goldenboy does not follow scrims and know the meta of halo 5. Walshy was one of the best casters for the FIRST halo 5 tournament because he was playing it every single day and following scrims religiously, he knew the current meta and brought a necessary skillset to the halo commentary booth. Almost every halo caster has another job that is NOT casting... IMO that is not ok. Andy does not watch scrims every night and study gameplay and breakdown what are the best strats, Strongside does not do that, goldenboy does not do that, simms MIGHT I feel he has the most presence in streams but he is EU so he is in bed and probably does not catch the scrims. You look at the league casters and they at least SEEM like they almost know the game better then the pros. They can break down every single play perfectly and never stumble over their words and say (what I call) "Filler commentator phrases" like "this is what they do" or "they are unstoppable" without giving reason. I can go so much more in depth but I just kind of want to see what you guys think as well, I believe @@Commonly is right about the casters.
  3. Me to Zane when he gets off his Choir bus and is back home
  4. This is Vin everytime he makes a post regardless of TeamBeyond mods and forum goers favorable opinions
  5. super unfortunate that our first scrim as a new team against CLG I literally played like a fkn zombie and lost half my 1 on 1's. Still games were close and we learned so much.
  6. Please TJ I thought you were smarter then this. You know the sunlight is in my eyes and you still T bag
  7. Ill agree with you there, but IMO that is only because of shitty single elim :/ we have double elim now so I am pretty damn excited to see come backs and more matchups.
  8. I disagree, CLG wins every single scrim and usually by a large margin and they dominated worlds.
  9. Well now I know why he picked me for Esports player of the month
  10. Woke up this morning and saw all the tweets... I hope you beyond goers are ready to post the dankest of memes... The off season lasted less then 3 weeks and god DAMNIT I hope those memes I saw weren't the best you fucking got.
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