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  1. If I buy the digital copy now do I get the updated version?
  2. Infused is in NA right now bootcamping before Worlds, that's why they're scrimming NA teams
  3. That's literally the reason as well. J ordered the review because "of the actions of others last week"
  4. My first potential shitpost, but Snakebite is currently working out with Mike on periscope https://www.periscope.tv/w/1LyxBjYaPbLxN
  5. Never posted in this thread before, so I hope this is the right place for this ( if it's not just let me know and I'll remove it) I really hope they do bring in SoloQ, I haven't been able to play that often with a team because unfortunately real life got in the way, and time zones suck. But I am definitely fed up going into team arena in SoloQ ( bear in mind I'm a shit mid plat) and matching a full team of 4 with 2 smurfs an onyx and a diamond. Takes all the fun out of the game.
  6. Let's just say I should not operate a computer after a few too many beers and a disappointing football result.
  7. Well I caved tonight and joined the Cummies. I was trying to find a gif to sum up my feelings about this, but that was too difficult. Instead here's a gif on what it feels like to finally be a Cummie:
  8. Slightly off topic but I came across this funny GT in arena tonight: OpTic LaNiaC ( I realise it isn't Maniac just thought it was funny) They violated us ( plz don't pay attention to my poor showing, I'm a plat scrub nub )
  9. You are not forgiven, I shall refrain from the downvote but remain salty af. (liverpool supporter)
  10. Formal Streaming H5 with Temp and he comes up against T2 and goes "Oh it's T2, we have to go hard!" lmao
  11. This is my first post so please be gentle with me, lol. Lifestyle just said in his stream that he has a "good" team and is just waiting to be able to announce it. #intel
  12. I'm up for it. I have no idea what my skill level is, but I'm keen to find out. GT: BaLerionTheBD
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