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  1. My Favourite pro has always been Ogre 2 from reading about him in 2005, and watching him in 2006.... Ow! fuck I was not ready for this... I really Hope Tom's future is bright and full of riches and let every Ogre twitch from now on, done by every pro today be a salute to the greatest player of all time (and the second greatest Dan . Thank you for the memories Tom you're the Goat I guess Tj's now my favourite pro :/ (I feel dirty)
  2. Ogre 2 had the highest kill/death ratio of Final Boss for the 2007 Nationals. With a ratio of 1.62 and won MVP... While the other guys were around 1.28. Ogre 2 was the Greatest H2 player by far looking at his stats. Strongside wasn't far behind individual skill wise, but Ogre 2 was better stats wise. Strongside always went off when he played Carbon it was his revenge https://youtu.be/0xWoXEJnuTw
  3. Sad :/ because it's true... Next time Tom's streaming and Walshy's streaming ask them! Then I want an apology!!! Unless you guys think you know better than Ogre 2 and Walshy? ASK THEM!!!
  4. :/ Wrong Ogre 2 and Walshy both said 2005 Saiyan was better than 2007 strongside... Tom said when Saiyan practiced he was a beast, and was better than Strongside and even Walshy! at H2. but he never practiced and that ruined team chemistry so he got dropped. When I told Walshy this he got a bit annoyed, he basically said "yeah if he practiced but he never practiced.....I was reliable, Saiyan was hit and miss". Very Interesting huh
  5. In all seriousness amigo 2005 Team 3D/Final Boss was better than 2007 Final Boss. I asked Ogre 2 who was better 2007 Strongside or 2005 Saiyan? And he said Saiyan definitely, when saiyan practiced he was a beast. Other than that, have an up vote
  6. I missed the tournament due to work, so did they cover the Ogre at all? Or did they not show any of him?
  7. Tj is the most lenient Mod... If he was a police officer no one would ever get arrested. He tries to hide it, but the Dark One has affection still for his children
  8. Why does Aaron make you so hateful? :/ https://youtu.be/YcebXn1QcRw
  9. And I've decided to do the full TEN! In Order.........Ogre 2, Ogre 1, Ola, Roy, Walshy, Lunchbox, SnipeDown, Saiyan, Lethul, ShockWave.
  10. Ok here's a question for you guys, I asked Ogre 2 awhile back who was better 2005 Saiyan or 2007 Strongside? Who do you think he picked?
  11. Great moves by the Goat But here's something to think about, Imagine how many less ninja assassinations there'd be with no radar... It's too easy with radar and Spartan abilities :/ And no radar would make Maniac feel the safest he's been in a LONG time! Poor Guy :/ the Back of his head must hurt....
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