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  1. Classic BR/ Extended Mag Pistol Killionaire http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Satisvy/video/16775963
  2. I enjoyed Halo 4 far more than reach. Though I didn't play after the TU, I quit halo after that trash came out.
  3. I didn't post anything to 'invoke a response' I posted a picture of members of my company wearing the helmet in front of a barn, talking about/ joking about farming is not against the rules of the forums, so saying you would ban me for that, or that you'd ban me because you think i'm an ass just shows how unprofessional you would be as a mod.
  4. Ok but for real it's kinda fucked up to get banned for nothing on an official forum,
  5. Nazi mods, I posted a picture of my company in front of a barn wearing the Achilles helmet to make fun of the whole achilles = farming thing and apparently that's a ban-able offence http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Satisvy/screenshot/3998796
  6. I'm 99% sure I've played more arena on alts than on my main lmao
  7. This is so accurate to what happened after I finished farming for the Achilles helmet commendations
  8. lol, he's just having some fun, salty
  9. Why are there so many people going up and down only 1 point lol
  10. How is this trolling? I'm allowing members of the community to ask me questions about anything including gameplay and strategies. You are clearly a child for being offended by this.
  11. Not a lot but I do have a lot of fun beating full teams of noobs
  12. Stream Snipe, countdown or just match another full 12 accidentally.
  13. Pretty solid mate, actually as satirical as this is we do have warzone matches against other '"good" companies such as beyondentertainment (LOL)/premade teams, obviously i'm always on the winning side.
  14. I'm sure there are a lot of people who have questions for me, ask me anything!
  15. Most people prefer black undersuits, black undersuits have always been what spartans wore, they allow the armour to pop more. There are more reasons for than against black undersuits, your opinion sucks, the end
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