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  1. If you're still looking I'd like to run a few games and see how it feels running with you guys. Personally I don't feel matchmaking ranks matter since we all know the system is flawed. But I consistently place high onyx by the end of the seasons. Could go into champion if I put in the effort to grind matchmaking, but I prefer grinding out in customs in 8s or scrims. I believe I'm a solid player given the right teammates, I can play support/obj/ or slayer depending on what benefits the team more at the time. I don't give up in matches even if defeat is inevitable. I believe the game isnt over until the words "Defeat" or "Victory" come across my screen. Hmu to run: GT - Vexaerium
  2. Yo, Vex here. Been looking for a Serious team, A To3 Preferably. Hmu please and thank you. I'd love to compete and get better along the way. I open to critique. I've got great communication skills. And can handle my BR, Pistol, Sniper etc really well. Just want a chance to improve with a team and see how far I can go. Hmu, my gt is Vexaerium. Twitter: @Vexaerium.
  3. You guys still looking for 2? I'd like to try running if you are. My gt is Vexaerium. Hmu.
  4. Hey everyone, don't remember if i did this or not lol. but the names Vex. Halo try hard. Looking for people to chill and have a good time, but with a winning mentality. I try hard >.>. And love winning. Currently trying for that 50 in Team Slayer, if any one wants to team for that. But as for just playing games. Im down for customs and whatever. Just trying to play some games.
  5. yeah man, feel free to add me. I'm down for some customs whenever. And thanks I'll check it out!
  6. Yo, I'm here in Springfield, MA. GT: Vexaerium
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